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Made for More: Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way

The critical conversation on church multiplication continues in 2019 with a focus on one of the three essential elements of multiplication: Mobilization. To see Kingdom multiplication occur in North America, we must see cultures in our church where every believer can live out their unique calling. This requires six essential shifts taken from the book of Ephesians.

Shift 1:
From More Effort to More Jesus
(Ephesians 1)

Jesus has appointed His Church to express His fullness into every sphere of society. This is our foundation for mobilizing people—equipping every disciple to grow in the Lordship of Jesus and in their ability to share the gospel where they live, work, study and play.

Shift 2:
From More Volunteers to More Masterpieces
(Ephesians 2)

Every disciple is a unique, handcrafted-by-God vessel for expressing the fullness of Jesus. As leaders, we have a responsibility to lead our church to help every disciple investigate their personal calling that mobilizes them for a one-of-a-kind mission for more.

Shift 3:
From More Guilt to More Love
(Ephesians 3)

God’s love for us and in us is the only sufficient motivation for mobilizing others—not guilt. We’re called to motivate people to serve by helping them understand how loved they are in Christ.

Shift 4:
From More Hierarchy to More Missionaries
(Ephesians 4)

Jesus has provided the organization to unleash more—found in the five-fold gifting of APEST (apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, teachers). We need to help people see the Church as Jesus does.

Shift 5:
From More Programs to More Mission Fields
(Ephesians 5)

When you begin to surrender our strategies and our belief that you’re building the church while others help by filling the spots you’ve predetermined, you begin to wage the war Christ has called us to fight.

Shift 6:
From More Strategy to More Surrender
(Ephesians 6)

The people of God have already been sent and strategically placed by Jesus. And for many, those places are outside the walls of your church building.

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Made for More Church Resource Kit

The Made for More Church Resource Kit is a study through the book of Ephesians designed for Church Leadership and/or Elders teams to experience together. The shared journey for your team will help shape vision and strategy for a church multiplication culture of mobilization.


15+ supplemental videos with case studies and National main stage speakers

7 lesson study guide

Group reflection questions

The FREE Made for More Personal Calling Kit is designed to help your church empower others to discover their calling. It begins by awakening the dreams and imaginations of every believer to live the extraordinary life that God has always had in mind for them to live.


Previously unreleased videos by:

Rick Warren

J.D. Greear

Cynthia Marshall

Ryan Kwon

Dave Gibbons


To kick off our 2019 theme, we’re launching a new “Made for More” eBooks collection. For the first time in Exponential’s 14-year history, our annual theme will take us through a book of the Bible. As we explore our 2019 theme, “Made for More: Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way,” we will look at Paul’s letter to the church of Ephesus. Grab these free eBooks with frameworks, stories, and multiplication principles to help you pursue Kingdom multiplication.


An exclusive video teaching series with Rob Wegner on how you can help mobilize every Christian into their calling to make disciples where they live, work, learn and play.

Welcome to the Made for More Video Series

From More Effort to More Jesus

From More Volunteers to More Masterpieces

From More Guilt to More Love

From More Hierarchy to More Missionaries

From More Hierarchy to More Missionaries

From More Strategy to More Surrender


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Made for More course

The free Made for More course is designed to help you take hold of this latent potential God has placed in your church. It walks through the book of Ephesians, examining 6 moves and 6 shifts that help leaders create a culture in their church where every Christian is mobilized to make disciples where they live, work, learn and play.


6 Modules with 20 units

6+ supplemental videos

Reflection questions for personal or group discovery

The FREE Church Mobilization Culture Assessment helps you measure your progress in becoming a Level 5 multiplying church and was specifically designed around Exponential’s 2019 Made for More theme “Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way”. Along with our 2019 conversation, this assessment focuses on creating a culture of mobilization.

You can complete the assessment in less than 30 minutes and is completely FREE! Take the FREE ASSESSMENT today to find out how your church is progressing towards being mobilized for the Kingdom and gain access to resources to help improve your mobilization culture.


A collection of news and notes on Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way


With Made for More, Exponential’s podcast channel adds a series of compelling conversations with some of today’s most trusted voices on their personal calling. You be intrigued to hear from leaders like on Francis Chan, Rick Warren, Carey Nieuwhof, and more on their journey to live out God’s call.