2019 Review and Looking Into 2020 With Anticipation


Happy New Year from the Exponential Team!

With the turn of the calendar for a new year and a new decade, we reflect once again on the amazing journey our team has experienced this year and during this groundbreaking decade. We stand in awe of God’s loving kindness and faithfulness to our team and mission. We are humbled by and thankful for how God, with clear evidence, guides our steps and extends His blessings to us and our efforts.

Check out our 2019 highlights and what we are looking forward to in 2020!

2019 Highlights

  1. Over 10,600 leaders gathered to be encouraged and equipped at one of our 9 Exponential Made for More events in 2019. 1000s of leaders once again made commitments to plant or support new churches. You can experience all 9 Made For More events through our Digital Access Pass
  2. Our first ever regional in the northwest was held in Boise, ID with 80%+ attending an Exponential event for the first time.
  3. In May, 581 leaders gathered for our first ever Exponential Español in Long Beach, CA. Not only did this all spanish-speaking event turn out to be standing room only, it brought together a diverse group of Latino and Hispanic leaders across denominations and networks throughout North America.
  4. Our 2019 theme Made for More: Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way featured the largest, most comprehensive, and integrated library of FREE resources we’ve ever distributed. The resources in the Made for More Library were jointly published with a new non-profit mobilization ministry birthed by Exponential called Made for More.
  5. We had the privilege of partnering with Outreach Magazine to curate and publish the inaugural list of 100 Reproducing Churches as part of Outreach Magazine’s annual Top 100 List. This important addition of a list of Reproducing Churches is a signpost of a shift from a church growth movement to a church multiplication movement in the U.S.
  6. The Church Multiplication Challenge was launched to see more churches declare, assess and advance the cause of church multiplication. Housed at reproducingchurches.org with an updated Becoming Five assessment, the Church Multiplication Challenge will catalyze our initiative to identify the next 100, 1000, and one-day 10,000+, reproducing churches.
  7. In partnership with LifeWay Research, we released new research measuring the current reality of Level 4 reproducing and Level 5 multiplication in the North American church. Most exciting, the study reported 7% of churches are now reproducing. That is over 10,000 new churches which is also an increase from the previous research from several years ago that only 4% of churches are reproducing or multiplying. We are grateful to see that our 4-to-10 mission is making an impact in the North America church.
  8. Our Multipliers Learning Communities finished our 2019 season with an expansion to 9 cohorts and 225 leaders engaging in a peer-to-peer learning environment for shaping their paradigm and operating system for church multiplication. Our 2020 season has just begun with another year at capacity with 9 cohorts comprised of 225 young, emerging leaders; network and denominational leaders; leaders in a multi-ethnic cohort; a cohort of large church pastors; and more.
  9. A high-capacity, diverse group of multiplying men and women have joined our Exponential family as our inaugural group of Exponential Associates. Exponential Associates are like-minded, Kingdom-focused leaders who serve on the front lines of multiplication.
  10. 275 leaders in the Michigan region gathered for Exponential’s first local event, called Exponential Roundtable, in the heart of Detroit. With local host Kensington Church Planting Network, the Roundtable brought leaders together to hear messages from Exponential’s Global conference paired with small group discussions to connect local leaders for collaboration to foster church multiplication in Michigan and beyond.
  11. We launched a Becoming Five, a Multipliers, a Mega|Multi|Micro, and a Made for More online cohort in partnership with denominations and networks
  12. Our conferences featured
    • Over 300 speakers
    • Over 450 hours of unique training content
    • Over 100 different sponsors
  13. Introduced two new frameworks — 6 Shifts for a Culture of Mobilization and The Mobilization Flywheel — to further enhance one of our 3 Dimensions of Multiplication: the Mobilization of every Christian into mission of Jesus aligned with their Ephesians 2:10 calling.
  14. While Exponential is not a conferencing ministry but a community with a cause, our community fueled the largest conference in our history with over 5500 leaders at our Global Conference in Orlando, FL. Another record setting event in 2019 was our Chicago Regional which sold out in advance as our highest attended regional conference in our history.
  15. Convened an Exponential event with local leaders interested in being equipped for church multiplication.

Look Ahead to 2020

  1. Exponential Roundtables will expand to multiple cities by partnering with local churches and networks who desire to collaborate with other church leaders in their city and region. If you would like more information about hosting a Roundtable in your city or region, email Jason Stewart.
  2. EX Ventures, a peer community of forward thinking and innovative churches, will form to support leading-edge Kingdom venture projects to further multiplication in the U.S. and around the globe.
  3. With the launch of the Church Multiplication Challenge and a growing list of Reproducing Churches, we will host One-day Forums for Reproducing Church leaders to develop, learn, and implement greater multiplication thinking and behaviors.
  4. We will host our first group of young-emerging leaders in a Residency Program who will contribute to the daily mission of our team and also be equipped in disciple making, personal calling, and church multiplication. If you would like more information about our residency program, email Jason Stewart
  5. The new non-profit Exponential Europe will launch its first Global conference in October with 2000+ leaders expected to convene in Berlin, Germany.
  6. We will jointly launch, with Discipleship.org, a national Disciple Making Study that will provide critical information on the state of discipleship and disciple making in the U.S. church.
  7. We will convene Latino/Hispanic leadership for developing a strategy to birth a new non-profit focused on the resourcing of Latino and Hispanic church leaders for church multiplication.
  8. The world’s largest gathering of church multiplication leaders will be held again in Orlando this March with:
    1. 180+ speakers
    2. 160 workshops
    3. 20 Pre-conference Equipping Labs
    4. 40 Networking Lunches|
    5. 75 Networks & Denominations
  9. We will introduce 2 New Podcasts, the Exponential Podcast to highlight our frameworks and best multiplication content along with the Reproducing Churches Podcast to share the story and practical learnings of leading reproducing churches across America.

As we reflect back and look forward we are grateful for leaders like you who share in our vision, make our work more joyful and meaningful, and invest in other church planting and multiplication leaders. Thank you for doing what you do, and for being supportive of, and an encouragement to our team and to so many other leaders.

As we we close out 2019 and move into 2020 you can read the our entire 2019 Year End Report here.