30 Days of Multiplication

May 20, 2016


30 Days of Multiplication

This week begins Exponential’s “30 days of Multiplication.” For the next 30 days, ending in June, we will send blogs, podcasts, and social media for inspiration along your journey toward multiplication. The 30 days of multiplication inspiration includes:

1. New podcast series, “My Journey to Multiplication”

“My Journey to Multiplication” is four-part narrative podcast series that brings to life principles from Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church. In the podcasts, we interview leaders who are multiplying churches. Based off of journalistic podcasts like Serial and This American Life, this series includes interviews of key leaders and those who are part of their story. We weave together their narratives into a cohesive story, making for great content in real-life contexts. Excited to share this with you. Access those podcasts on the Exponential Podcast page.

Here’s our line up for this four-episode series:

  • Bob Roberts. This podcast is already live: “E01: Bob Roberts’s Journey to Multiplication”
  • Keith Ferguson. Listen to an interview of Keith Ferguson from Austin, Texas as he and his team tell the story of launching a church on the opposite side of town from their sending church to join a movement of regional multiplication. Watch the Exponential Podcast page for this one.
  • Brett Andrews. Andrews planted the church out of which Exponential was born–New Life Church in Washington, DC. In this episode, Andrews shares his story of learning how to release highly gifted leaders to plant churches and multiply disciples in various entrepreneurial ways. Watch the Exponential Podcast page for this one.
  • Deb and Larry Walkemeyer. Hear how one couple “planted pregnant,” then launched into Compton, California with urban gardens in order to reach their surrounding area. Watch the Exponential Podcast page for this one.

Bob Roberts Speaking

2. Inspiring blog articles about multiplication

For each of our interviewees on this podcast series, we summarize key information into blogs so you can digest the material. Come back here to the news page for those articles over the next few weeks.

3. Resources of multiplication

In addition to blog articles and podcast episodes, we’ll send out multiplication resources to inspire and equip you along your journey toward multiplication. For those resources, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Also, if you want to receive 30 Days of Multiplication inspiration into your inbox, along with the regular updates from Exponential, register for our weekly updates here.

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