LNP22 | Addressing the Trauma in the Next Generation

Leadership Network Podcast | Episode 22

October 24, 2022

We cannot heal the pain of the next generation if we don’t understand how to walk with them through the trauma of their story. Many of us don’t understand what trauma is, or how it affects our self-esteem, relationships, businesses, and more—making it hard for us to live, lead, and serve with a sense of freedom and joy.

That’s why Kobe Cambell does what she does. Kobe is a licensed trauma therapist and seminary graduate committed to teaching everyday people—like moms, ministers, students, and corporate teams—how to understand how trauma affects them, their relationships, and how they show up in the world.

Leadership Podcast Series:

It seems that more public figures, athletes, celebrities, and even politicians are talking about mental health and admitting that they too are struggling. Every day, more young people are choosing a profession in the mental health field. We have more awareness than ever before,—and yet the percentages of depression, anxiety and even suicide are getting worse. Why is this happening? Join us for a three-week series diving into the root causes, innovative responses, and new strategies to build churches that help the next generation find the healing they are longing for.

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Kobe Campbell

Kobe Campbell

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kobe Campbell is a Charlotte-based, Ghanaian-American licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC), trauma specialist, writer, and speaker. Kobe holds a master of arts in Christian counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Named one of Charlotte's Most Influential Women by Charlotte Lately magazine and awarded Rising Star Under 30 by WILMA magazine, Kobe is a decorated and highly sought speaker, facilitator, and educator. Kobe is the founder of The Healing Circle Therapy & Wellness Center in Charlotte and hosts The Healing Circle Podcast. With a kind, compassionate, and energetic spirit, she helps people discover who they are apart from what they've experienced through therapy, support groups, speaking, retreats, organizational trainings, and more. When Kobe isn't teaching and training, she's spending time with her husband and kids, playing her guitar, writing poetry, or traveling. She looks forward to sharing her expertise with anyone willing to learn and grow.
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