AI in the Sanctuary: Exploring the Future of Ministry with James Poulter

AI in the Sanctuary

April 3, 2024

Exponential NEXT Podcast Episode 9
Series: AI in the Sanctuary

In this conversation, Kenny Jahng sits down with James Poulter, CEO of Vixen Labs, to discuss the intersection of faith, technology, and AI. They explore the current state of conversational AI technologies, such as Alexa, and how they are evolving to provide more interactive and personalized experiences. The conversation highlights the need for churches to maintain congregational trust and safeguard privacy as AI becomes more integrated into their daily life and work.As AI transforms ministry tools, how can church leaders thoughtfully steer into emerging opportunities while calming congregational nerves? James and Kenny discuss pragmatic paths forward. Discover pointers for policies that maintain trust. Learn why understanding AI’s realities, not just its hype, is essential to help your faith community confidently navigate this unfolding future.

Host: Kenny Jahng, Director of AI NEXT

Guest: James Poulter, CEO of Vixen Labs

Category: AI NEXT

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Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng is the Editor-in-Chief of and founder of He is deeply committed to helping ministries connect with the right audiences. Kenny is also the Chief Clarity Officer at Big Click Syndicate, a strategic marketing advisory firm. He holds certifications as a StoryBrand Copywriter Guide and Jasper AI expert, and is the creator of the A.R.T. of Engagement content marketing framework, which has helped ministries worldwide build stronger connections with their audiences. With a passion for empowering Christian leaders to achieve their marketing goals, Kenny can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram or via
James Poulter

James Poulter

James Poulter is a distinguished digital marketing professional and technology expert, with a particular emphasis on Conversational AI strategy. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Vixen Labs, James has been instrumental in establishing the company as Europe's leading full-service Voice Agency. Vixen Labs specializes in voice consultancy and design, assisting brands in leveraging voice-first technology and conversational interfaces for effective communication and promotion.

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