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Where Could AI Take Your Church?

Let Your Voice Guide Responsible Innovation

When it comes to AI, we believe there is value in openly discussing current realities and future possibilities.

We want to hear from you. Here are some of the topics we are exploring…

  • Understanding And Awareness Of AI
  • Current Use Of AI In Church Settings
  • Perceived Benefits Of AI Use In Ministry Work
  • Challenges And Barriers To AI Adoption
  • Ethical Considerations And Concerns
  • Training And Education Needs For AI
  • Future Outlook On AI In Ministry Contexts

When you take our survey, you are helping the church collective. Together, we can shape recommendations to empower churches to leverage AI thoughtfully.

AI NEXT Survey

About Exponential AI NEXT

This research is being conducted by Exponential AI Next and select partners, who equip ministries to thoughtfully harness technologies for expanding their missions. 

  • Generative AI Explained

    Learn the basics so that you can move from intimidation to inspiration

  • Learn Best Practices

    Understand how to approach AI so your ministry can flourish like never before

  • Discover New Tools

    Cut through the clutter and find the AI solutions that support your ministry objectives

  • Practical Applications

    Get a glimpse into how peers and practitioners are using AI for good today

Join us in preparing your ministry for the age of artificial intelligence by taking our State Of AI In The Church Survey.

Survey Facilitation Partners


This survey is conducted Exponential’s AI NEXT, an offering of Exponential NEXT, and additional national partners including, AI for Church, and Gloo. Together, we are dedicated to the health and multiplication of faith communities.

The results will be published March 4, 2024 as part of our Exponential Global conference in Orlando. It is the world’s largest gathering of church multiplication leaders.  All participants will also receive results via email.  The first 250 will receive an invitation to an exclusive webinar reviewing results and insights from the survey.

This survey consists of 29 questions (including “name”, “email,” etc) and should take approx 5 minutes to complete.

This survey covers a variety of topics, including the following: 

  • Understanding and Awareness of AI
  • Current Use and Applications of AI in Church Settings Perceived Benefits of AI Integration in Churches
  • Challenges and Barriers to AI Adoption
  • Ethical Considerations and Concerns
  • Training and Education Needs for AI
  • Future Outlook on AI in Religious Contexts
  • Personal Attitudes and Fears Towards AI
  • Feedback and Suggestions for AI Implementation in Churches

Ideal participants are pastors, church leaders, and staff members who are familiar with or want to become familiar with AI applications for ministry. 

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