Empowered Life

Keeping In Step With The Spirit By Dave Ferguson, President, Exponential 2022 Living in sync with the Holy Spirit is not meant to be a one-time event but an ongoing […]

Empowered Heart

An Empowered Heart By Dave Ferguson, President, Exponential 2022 In Matthew 28, Jesus says “Go.” He is essentially saying, “Get moving, guys.” But then in Acts 1 Jesus says to “wait.” […]

The Empowered Life: Filled with the Spirit

Excerpt from The Empowered Life: Practical Ways to Demonstrate a Naturally Supernatural Lifestyle   By Alex & Hanna Absalom Being filled with the Holy Spirit is such an extraordinary thing to consider. […]

Empowered: Wait and Then Move

Wait and Then Move By Dave Ferguson, CEO & President, Exponential Being empowered by the Spirit can be very confusing! As a leader, I tend to think in terms of […]

EMPOWERED: Empowered Heart – There’s Always More

Excerpt from Empowered: Pastoral Perspectives on Life and Leadership in the Spirit, Chapter 1: Empowered Heart by Todd Proctor and Josh Harrison with contributions from Harvey Carey, Kathleen Doyle, Darren […]

Heart Logic: Living Unhindered

Most of us haven’t truly stopped to evaluate the contents of our hearts. We simply move through life with our heart’s unseen voice shaping our conclusions about the things and […]