Autumn Katz to Speak at Exponential Regional in Southern California!

Join me at Exponential Southern California!

June 22, 2018


The following is a guest blog post by Autumn Katz, Co-Lead Pastor of Anthem Church in Long Beach, CA. Autumn is one of our 50+ speakers at the Exponential Regionals this fall:

I believe in you.

You, reading this, I believe in you. I believe in all that you are called to, and I believe that you will fly as high as you can dream. You are full of dreams that you have not even tapped into yet. I want to encourage you to never limit yourself, dream as big as you can and believe that it is possible, because it is.

I see in you.

These 4 words (or 4 letters ICNU…however you’d like to look at it) have made such a lasting impact from the HeroMakers in my life.

The truth is, we all have dreams, ideas, hopes and aspirations. They live within us given from our creative beautiful God for this time in history. It’s one thing to believe that we can do something, but it’s another thing when you have someone speak into your life and believe with you that your dreams are possible. Their belief gives you a sense of confidence that yes, it is possible!

I’ll never forget meeting my friend Danielle Strickland. A mutual friend had put us in contact with each other, and I was able to work alongside her for a time. I’ll always remember meeting with her and hearing her dreams to see an entire generation of foster care girls filled with hope and told that they were valued. Brave was born and took flight. Then, I was able to hear her heart to see the voice of women all across the world called out to the front. This passion of hers matched the same beating in my own heart. She saw what God had put on my life, and I’ll never forget how she made a way for me to not only be a part of her dream, but to help take the lead to see many women’s voices empowered. The Women Speaker’s Collective was born. She is a HeroMaker in my life. She saw a dream inside my own heart and made a way to see me take flight.

To give permission to someone is the simplicity of saying I see what’s in you, I believe in you, I
want to see your dreams happen, and I will do what I can to make a way for that.

It’s not about us.

When this becomes your mindset…get ready. Not only will people start taking flight all around you, but you get to see the beautiful dreams that God has placed in the lives of many around you.

I want to encourage you to see the leadership potential in those around you. Speak the truth over their life. You know that one that comes to mind right now? Maybe you have seen them lead in your church. Maybe they have served for so long with such a beautiful posture of humility. Take that one. Be the voice in their life that says, I see in you. Go for it. They need a voice in their life to encourage them and believe them. You are it. It may be just one person that you speak into, but that one person could become someone who shapes history. Let’s get God’s heart for those around us. I believe in you.

Special Invitation from Autumn


Autumn Katz is one of over 50 speakers at the Exponential Regional conferences this fall. Join Autumn and others at the Southern California regional conference!

Hero Maker Conferences

Hero Maker is the theme for Exponential 2018. The theme focuses on the shift from being the hero to coming alongside others for them to become the heroes in our church’s unfolding story. At each conference, we will unpack the 5 essential practices for leaders to multiply leaders: multiplication thinking, permission giving, disciple multiplying, gift activating, and kingdom building.

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Regional Conference Locations

  • Washington, DC: September 10-11
  • Southern California: October 2-4
  • Bay Area: October 22-23
  • Houston: October 24-25
  • Chicago: November 6-7
  • New York City: December 5-6

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