Be Empowered: Accelerate Your Vision in 2022 with Emotionally Healthy Leadership

February 16, 2022


Be Empowered: Accelerate Your Vision in 2022

The Enneagram and Spiritual Practices: discern the best rhythms and disciplines to guide your personal formation and leadership.

What if we used the Enneagram as more of a fluid tool toward spiritual maturity than a static personality assessment? Could we curate personalized practices that would allow for greater healing and alignment in our particular journey with Christ? How could our Enneagram type inform our Rule of Life and offer tailored rhythms that not only actually work for us but lean into our unique brand of brokeness?

These and other discussion points will be covered by Sarah, Drew, and Laura in this casual conversation about allowing the Enneagram to shape our own spiritual formation as well as guide those we lead.

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