Be Empowered: Accelerate Your Vision in 2022 with Forge America

February 18, 2022


Be Empowered – Accelerate Your Vision in 2022
Episode #3: Forge America

Empowering the Church for Missional Movement

In this new season of (almost) post-Covid ecclesiology, we’re seeing pastors, church leaders, and
planters struggle to find movement. Not only are congregants increasingly tired, mentally
retreating, and instilling new rhythms in their life, but leaders are facing these new paradigms
as well. All of this results in lower attendance and engagement, with tired leaders trying to find
new movement in their community. At Forge America, we see the shifting patterns of church life
and faith as opportunities to engage what the church was always designed to be…a missional
movements of communities joining God in his mission to announce the Kingdom.

So what does “empowering” for missional movement look like?

Description of the Show:
A conversation around re-missioning the church for movement and the implications of our
current cultural and societal struggles on participating in God’s mission.

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