Be Empowered: Accelerate Your Vision in 2022 with

February 14, 2022


Be Empowered – Accelerate Your Vision in 2022
Planting Churches in the Public Square that Impact the World

As followers of Christ we have been called to make disciples and to bring life and hope to a world of decay, disease and death. The New Testament is a wonderful example to us of the kind of disciples that are needed for our world. As we read the Sermon on the Mount and follow the ministry of Jesus, we cannot escape what He did and how He engaged the poor and hurting while, at the same time, dealt with the rich and religiously pious. Jesus engaged the whole person and all of society.

If we focus on societal transformation, converts are a must; they are essential. However, now we are also defining their focus and their drive. This is how the early church operated in Antioch. This is also how the church in history grew, as it would work where there were tragedies and issues to be confronted. If we truly care about our communities and care that all domains of society are impacted by the church, then it should lead us to active engagement of churches within their community and in the world at large.

What exactly does that look like? One can start churches, build buildings, see baptisms, start programs, do mission work and still see your community degenerate. If, on the other hand, you want to see radical transformation, then the church must be active. The primary place of ministry becomes the domains in society, rather than the church on the corner. Engaging the world is the Father’s comprehensive response to a lost world. When that happens, we are connected with God at a deep level in terms of His will, His mission, and His passion. He begins to multiply that which He wants and he does so incredibly quickly. We need to plant churches that see what the Father sees, and watch as those churches are going to explode.

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