Book Tour: Building a Multiethnic Church: A Theology for Reconciliation

August 11, 2021


America has become a beautiful mosaic filled with many colors and ethnicities—but does your church reflect this change? Are you longing to be a cross-cultural leader who can guide the church into a multicolored world for the sake of the gospel? If so, Building a Multiethnic Church will give you the tools to embrace an invigorated community of grace, love, and reconciliation.

In Building a Multiethnic Church, bestselling author and pastor Dr. Derwin Gray calls all churches and their leaders to grow out of ignorance, classism, racism, and greed into a flourishing, vibrant, and grace-filled community of believers.

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Drawing on wisdom from the early church and the New Testament, Gray will help you:

understand that planting and transforming churches into multiethnic communities is a biblical calling;
identify and implement the best practices to help build multiethnic churches; and
recognize that reconciliation between ethnic groups in the church is not just a social issue, but a theological issue that cannot be ignored.

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