Candid Conversations About Women and the Church with Faith Eury Cho

Exponential NEXT Podcast Episode 18
Series: Candid Conversations About Women and the Church

In this episode, Faith Eury Cho suggests that it is not our job to fight for the right to be heard and be seen. It is our job to speak and to serve, being heard and seen is God’s work over our lives. Join us for this rich conversation about how we respond as women when we don’t feel like things are fair.


Sue Ferguson-Women NEXT, Co-Director

Janet McMahon-Women NEXT, Co-Director


Guest: Faith Eury Cho, Co-Founder/Co-Pastor, Mosaic Covenant Church


Category: Women NEXT

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Sue Ferguson

Sue Ferguson

Sue Ferguson is a follower of Jesus, a wife, mom, sister, friend, small groups’ director, an equipper of leaders, and an encourager of women! Sue oversees women’s small groups at a campus of Community Christian Church. She loves to help others develop skills to lead groups of all sizes, and also loves helping women craft their stories and share how Jesus has made a life changing difference in their lives You can contact Sue at
Janet McMahon

Janet McMahon

Janet and her husband Troy are the founding pastors of Restore Community Church, a multi-site church in Kansas City. Through its focus on developing and sending leaders, Restore has been a part of planting over 40 churches and invested over a million dollars in Church planting.
Faith Eury Cho

Faith Eury Cho

Faith is the founder of The Honor Summit, a nonprofit organization that centers Asian American women in the mission of God. She co-pastors Mosaic Covenant Church in New Jersey alongside her husband, Pastor David Cho. Having served in ministry since she was 19 years old, Faith continues to have a burning passion to serve as a voice to the voiceless. Besides the above roles, she is also a church planter, writer, missionary, and itinerant speaker.

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