Candid Conversations Episode 1: Unity

August 17, 2020


We live in one of the most divisive and divided times in our nation’s history. We are increasingly polarized over a growing number of topics including race. People of color are increasingly frustrated while white leaders are increasingly confused and paralyzed with how to engage the conversation. Many remain silent for fear of saying the wrong things.

Join special guest civil rights leader Dr. John Perkins with co-hosts pastor Efrem Smith and Exponential CEO Todd Wilson in a conversation on what unity is and is not. Our words matter, so before we can have constructive conversations on how to unify the Church, we must first talk about what exactly it means to be unified.

Don’t miss this important conversation as we unpack the following topics:

The definition of “unity,” including what it is and what it is not
The Biblical dimensions of unity
Why unity is so important in conversations about race
To equip people to embrace their own definition of unity

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