Candid Conversations Episode 11 – Winning

October 19, 2020


This podcast features special guest Dr. Drew Hart.

Drew has three focuses that he believes are essential hallmarks of “winning” in the struggle against white supremacy in America:

Radical Discipleship:Radical discipleship to Jesus refuses to distort and domesticate his life, teachings, death, and resurrection. It accepts the call to deny oneself, follow him, and accept the consequences that come from such faithfulness.
Public Witness:A Christian public witness rejects the temptation to privatize our faith to only matters of the heart. We are called to embody and make visible God’s reign on earth and to speak truth to power.
Solidarity:Christian solidarity must be Jesus-shaped. We identify and stand with those that Jesus did in his own day. We gladly link arms with those that are impoverished, vulnerable, oppressed, and marginalized. How we receive “the least of these” is how we receive Christ.

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In this podcast, hear about:

How the church can define what winning is and what it looks like on the diversity front
What is God’s heart is for his kingdom in heaven, and how close can we get to it on earth?
What are the obstacles and challenges that stand in the church winning in the area of race and unity?
Where might the Church be 5 years from now? What about 25 years from now?

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