Candid Conversations Episode 2: Civil Conversations

August 17, 2020


Interpersonal communications experts tell us that the majority of what we communicate is not verbal.

Nonverbal communication such as facial expressions, hand gestures, stance, and how we use our eyes can communicate far more than our words can.

People can read us even when they can’t hear us.

Don’t miss this important conversation as we unpack the following “Rules of Engagement”, among others, when engaging in tense discussions:

Consider whether your points / conclusions are Biblical commands to obey or interpretations to discern. Be cautious not to die on the hill of interpretation.
When disagreeing with another person or point of view, ask: why would a reasonable and rational person who is seeking to follow Jesus and Scripture think this way?
Ask others to describe their path of thinking to how they arrived at their conclusion or point of view.
Be specific, avoiding generalizations and platitudes

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