There are over 300,000 churches and 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the United States. These organizations employ millions of people, mobilize more volunteers than any other institutions in the world, and provide critical community services and impact that are needed in crisis times such as this.

  • Churches and non-profits play a critical role in society. They are mission-driven and are more focused on serving people and supporting communities than any other sector or domain of society. Their livelihood is vital, and could be negatively impacted for decades to come do to the financial impact of the ongoing pandemic.
  • Most churches and non-profits operate on a thin margin and are dependent on their ongoing operations to fund their large expenses, which often include staffing and facilities.
  • Church and non-profit staff are vital to the ongoing coordination and mobilization of volunteers for community impact. However, many will be left with no option other than laying off staff. Some will lose their facilities due to lack of financial resources. This will be especially challenging for churches that are running community centers and other community outreach / impact programs.

Churches need to be educated on how the new government stimulus can be utilized to help them maintain staff on the payroll, keep their facilities, and wherever possible, be mobilized to help the government in its response to this ongoing pandemic.

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