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Is Church Revitalization the New Church Planting?

In a post-Covid world, almost every church finds itself in somewhat of a revitalization process. But even before Covid, a multi-faceted approach to planting new churches and revitalizing older churches

LNP 46 | Mind the Gap

How is you church stepping into the gap? The gap between your church and your community won’t just close itself. It requires a change in mindset. In this podcast, Gabe

LNP 41, Ben Hardman

LNP 41 | Reimagining Church for the Marketplace

Many pastors know that their church should be impacting the marketplace – they just don’t know how to do it. In this podcast, Dave Rhodes interviews Kingdom Dreams Initiative Founder

3 Leadership Shifts That Changed Everything

Here at Church NEXT, we are always looking for stories of pastors and leaders who are innovatively imagining the church of tomorrow. In this month’s article, Ben Hardman (pastor of