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Microchurch and Blockchain

What if microchurch movements could be an avenue for refounding (à la Hirsch) the church on the person of Jesus in its original movemental form, which was a decentralized, multiplying

11 Innovative Ministries – Part Two

Next Ventures is an innovative approach to finding, connecting, and learning from emerging leaders who are shaping the future of the church. We begin the process by collaborating with our

Death by Church

Recently, I drew my signature “annual church calendar” diagram for a room full of staff members at a large church in Atlanta.  I’ve been using this image since 2002 to

The Delight of Small Ministry in Small Places

A few years ago, a ministry friend and partner of mine was attending the Exponential conference in Orlando when he overheard a conversation between two prospective church planters that went

Is Church Revitalization the New Church Planting?

In a post-Covid world, almost every church finds itself in somewhat of a revitalization process. But even before Covid, a multi-faceted approach to planting new churches and revitalizing older churches

Unveiling Your Purpose

A remarkable 57 percent of Americans indicate that they search for purpose in their lives on a monthly basis. Additionally, a concerning 42 percent of Generation Z individuals have received