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Resistance is natural. Keep moving forward

When You Meet Resistance

What do you do when people don’t welcome you? When neighbors don’t want to be bothered? When you’re tired from caring? When nothing is working? When you meet resistance? Not

Move with the Holy Spirit to increase evangelism impact

Evangelism in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Very early in life we experience our limits.  We learn what we can and what we cannot do.  We make adjustments to live within our capacities and abilities.  We learn

The Narratives of Evangelism

Our core values shape and define our language and our narratives—how we talk about what matters most to us. This is why “outsiders” or visitors can discern so much about

The light of the gospel shines brightly in dark places

Evangelism Isn’t a Lost Cause

Is evangelism a lost cause? This is the question our friends at Exponential are asking this season and we (Dave and Gábor) are here to answer with a resounding “no!”

The Values of Evangelism

At the center of any culture are values—convictions of the mind, and passions of the heart. When we lead well, we’re asking ourselves key questions:  What do we believe? What

How to Share the Gospel Masterclass

Exponential CEO Dave Ferguson invited three key leaders in the evangelical world to share their thoughts and expertise on sharing the gospel: Dr. David Docusen, Tomy Wilkerson, and John Wentz.

Learning to wait can be one of the most effective evangelism tools.

Lessons in Ministry: Waiting and Failing

My wife and I have served in ministry since the late 1970s. During this time, we’ve seen the Holy Spirit transform lives, we’ve experienced joys and sufferings that have drawn