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Southwest US desert

Our Friend, the Desert

I distinctly remember the conversations that permanently reshaped my faith and leadership in the fall of 2021. The first happened in one of my church’s pastoral staff meetings. My lead

Faith-Driven Church Planting

When you are in church planting circles long enough, one of the words you hear repeatedly is vision. Church planters and pastors will spend weeks and months crafting a vision

Planting a Life-Giving Church

The Conversion Have you ever been through a wilderness season in your life? A dry season where it felt like you may not make it to the other side? A

Taking Time for Grief

Our society expects everything to be fast and timely. We want a clear return on the investment of our energy, and nothing should be idle. Most people value their time

The Miracle of Church Planting

Every church that stands is a miracle from God. This is good and challenging news for anyone that feels led to launch a church. Church planting in America today is

How to Create an Engaging Next Gen Ministry

Your first thoughts about the next generation might include violent games, loud music, and lots of energy. While some of those descriptions might be true, there are deeper and more

Can Social Media Bring Revival to Gen Z?

What if the next sustained culture-shifting move of God or nation-spreading revival wasn’t birthed in a conference or a stadium? What if it came through screens to millions in Generation Z?