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Mental Health Obstacles in Virtual Reality

The mental health implications of the metaverse are untested and scary. Virtual reality (VR) thrives on lack of control, and vices are flaunted with little to no consequences. The virtual

Here Is the Church…

The greatest resource your church has is not your staff or building. It’s your people. Remember the old hand gesture rhyme we all learned as kids? “Here is the church.

Will Churches Become Decentralized?

Will Churches Get Bigger or Smaller? Bigger churches will follow the megachurch model and find ways to succeed by big-church standards. Large churches with large budgets will continue to connect

Redefining Real(ities)—Virtual No More

The other day, someone asked me, “You don’t really believe it counts if someone accepts Jesus in virtual reality, do you?” My response, “You tell me; do you think it