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LNP 48 | Reigniting Interest in the Local Church

If you’re passionate about the intersection of faith, community, and generational shifts, this episode is your compass for navigating these uncharted waters. Join Aaron Barnett & Hannah Gronowski Barnett as

LNP 47 | Microchurches for the Next Generation

Older paradigms of student ministry were focused on centralized expressions that required the next generation to be good inviters. Gen Z believers are hungry for more. They recognize they’re living

Microchurches for the Next Generation

Every year, more than one million young people will walk away from the Christian faith.  The young people in America are considered to be the first post-Christian generation in our

LNP 46 | Mind the Gap

How is you church stepping into the gap? The gap between your church and your community won’t just close itself. It requires a change in mindset. In this podcast, Gabe

How to Become More Innovative

There is a pervasive myth out there that innovation is the exclusive domain of artists, entrepreneurs, and creative types. But is it possible to cultivate innovation? Is there a hack

Engaging the Next Generation

In an era of rapid societal changes and shifting values, many local churches are facing the challenge of engaging the next generation.  With declining attendance and waning interest, it is

Time to Create New Norms

Fifty-five years ago, nearly half of Americans smoked and only 100,000 regularly took a jog.  Then, in 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote his groundbreaking book, Aerobics, clearly laying out the