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Game Changer

Over the last several years, we have had the opportunity to talk to literally thousands of different pastors. By far, the most repeated conversation that continues to come up is

The Great Dechurching

Something significant is happening. You’ve probably seen the graphs charting the rapid increase of religious disaffiliation or the “Rise of the Nones.”  Perhaps you’ve also read the headline of the 2020 Gallup

The Power of Intergenerational Mentorship

In the heart of every thriving, local church, there lies a powerful and often untapped resource: The wisdom and experience of its older members.  Intergenerational mentorship, the practice of older

Let the Peace of Christ Rule

Inner peace is the new apologetic. So went the observation of a senior Barna leader recently at a roundtable gathering for those leading global evangelistic organizations.  He was presenting fresh

Microchurch and Blockchain

What if microchurch movements could be an avenue for refounding (à la Hirsch) the church on the person of Jesus in its original movemental form, which was a decentralized, multiplying