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The Rise of Multi-Vocational Ministry

The word vocation is derived from the Latin term vocatio, which means a “calling” or “summons.”   A person’s vocation is bigger than their job. It is a sense of purpose

Moving from Ministry to Movement

Have you ever had a time when you chose to say “yes” to something that would stretch you beyond your comfort zone? I remember the time I grabbed a pregnancy

Resourcing Students to Follow Their Calling 

Helping students discover, develop, and be deployed in their calling is one of the most important jobs we have in our families, churches, and communities.  Unfortunately, too many young people

Disciplemaking in the Digital Age

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into disciplemaking within Christian ministry heralds a transformative era, offering an opportunity to enhance the fabric of spiritual guidance and leadership.  This evolution in ministry practice,

Social Media, Happy Hours, and Simple Churches

In 2023, approximately 8 billion people lived on planet earth, and 380 million lived in North America. The average American knows the names of 500 individuals, and the typical Facebook