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What Is The Big Dream God Has Called You To?

  John Ortberg, Dave Ferguson, Albert Tate, Ed Stetzer, Will Mancini and others introduced this year’s “Dream Big” theme—focusing on the power of identifying a big multiplication dream and reawakening

Are You a Hero Maker?

Looking back over your life, who were your heroes—the people you looked up to and wanted to be like? We’ve grown up wanting to be the hero of whatever story

HeroMaker: Daring to Lead a Multiplying Church

As a community of activists devoted to church multiplication, Exponential is continuing the multiplication conversation in 2018 as we look at what it means to be a HeroMaker—a shift from

A Glimpse into the New eBook Multipliers

Exponential’s new ebook Multipliers goes along with our 2018 HeroMaker theme. The book will come out early September. Below is the foreword by Carl George.  I’ve been leading ministry and working

7 Shifts Toward Planting a Movement

To say that we are euphoric about the new conversation happening within church-planting circles would be an understatement. Exchanges that have progressed from “planting a church” to “planting a Kingdom

Three Essentials of Kingdom Multiplication

The plan begins with a mission. This quote from modern management pioneer Peter Drucker gives us a good indicator of how important it is to understand our mission or why

Making Disciple Makers

  In this training video from Exponential East 2017, Bobby Harrington talks about what it means to make disciples like Jesus rather than just cultural Christians. We cannot effectively multiply

The Lust of Addition

Almost all the books and authors that define [success in church] come from deep within the addition mindset…in fact they are its guardians.  Herein lies much of our problem…we get

Choosing the Right Destination

Join us as we walk through the free DREAM BIG, PLAN SMART book. Chapter 1 is on preparations for multiplication.  Click here to download the eBook for FREE in pdf,

5 Shifts for Multiplication

  In this training video from Exponential East 2017 Dave Rhodes explains how we need to make 5 shifts in our churches order to achieve multiplication. Oftentimes, our churches miss