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A Community With a Cause | Todd Wilson

If you’re like most church leaders I know, you’re deep into preparations for what will likely be your most highly…

FREE Multiplication Resources | Todd Wilson

I love when a plan comes together. It was about five years ago when we started talking about launching a…


Dream Big: God-Given Clarity | Will Mancini

I’ve dedicated my life to helping churches define, embrace and experience the benefits of stunning, God-given clarity. As a pastor…


The Final Basecamp Before the Summit | Dave Browning

Churches moving from 4 to 4+ always have a vision larger than growing their local church. Years ago, I decided…


Crossing the Jordan | Dave Rhodes | Exponential

Stories--they are the reason why we find ourselves unable to put down a good book, or why we’re moved to…

A Biblical Metaphor for Multiplication | Dave Rhodes

God has always been about His people multiplying - Dave Rhodes In this training video from Exponential West 2016, Dave…


From New Church to Level 5 Multiplication | Jeff Christopherson

To say that I’m euphoric about the new conversation happening within church-planting circles would be an understatement. Exchanges that have…

Three Essentials of Kingdom Multiplication | Exponential

The plan begins with a mission. This quote from modern management pioneer Peter Drucker gives us a good indicator of…


Your Church’s Multiplication Assessment: The Key Starting Point

By now, you (hopefully) are aware that currently, only 4 percent of U.S. churches reproduce. Hopefully, you also know that…


Healthy Rhythms

for Leaders


By Winfield Bevins

& Mark Dunwoody