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3 Leadership Shifts That Changed Everything

Here at Church NEXT, we are always looking for stories of pastors and leaders who are innovatively imagining the church of tomorrow. In this month’s article, Ben Hardman (pastor of

Go on a Metaverse Mission Trip

Church, Meet the Metaverse Mission Field Sure, we can argue about the ecclesiology of a church in virtual reality. There are some points of conversation there. These will all get

Is It Time to Change Wineskins?

The rabbis of old had a saying, “Without wine, there is no joy.”1 This was especially true at a wedding. In the first century, weddings were a big deal and

How Do We Disciple Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence: Greatest Invention of the Modern Era or the Downfall of Human Civilization? Let’s stop here for a second and recognize how far the technology has come, really, in

Microchurch NEXT

The Uncommon Church

As an apostolic leader, I have always been drawn to the “build,” the “starting from nowhere.” Watching something come forth out of the ground enthuses me. I feel the same