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Why and How to Develop Leaders Starting Now

If God has called us to be multiplying movements, where do we expect those leaders to come from? – Brian Howard The era of hiring pre-packaged leaders is over. You

Culture Shock: Creating a Dynamic Team Culture

Culture can’t be copied from somewhere else – Jenni Catron Culture is the North Star to your team’s success. While mission, vision, purpose and strategy are all critical, without great

Establishing Leadership in a New Church

Anyone who has planted a church knows that establishing leadership in a new church can be a time- and energy-consuming challenge. In this training video, pastor/leadership coach Brian Howard focuses

10 Elements for Building Healthy Teams

What does a healthy team look like? How can you develop a culture of leadership where people thrive and actually enjoy their work? In this podcast from Exponential West 2016,

Leadership Conversations | Jon Ferguson

One of the most powerful tools we have for reproducing leaders are the words we say. In this podcast from Exponential East 2016, pastor and author Jon Ferguson looks at some

The Jesus Factor in Leadership | Joby Martin

[bctt tweet=”If you use your ministry to validate you before Jesus, you will die under that weight. – Joby Martin” via=”no”] Being a strong leader starts with looking at our ultimate example

What Can You Do Now to Ensure Long-Term Church Health?

[bctt tweet=”Understanding how you’re wired scripts how you lead and the team you bring around you. – Greg Wiens” via=”no”] As a church grows–from the initial planting phase to an increasingly