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10 Ways to Develop Leaders Without a Strategy

“What is your leadership development strategy?” It’s a question I’ve been asked scores of times. It often happens when someone gets close enough to the places where I’ve been privileged

Generous Leaders Win

I’ve been thinking a lot about generosity recently. Maybe it’s because I’m squarely in the center of being middle age. Maybe it’s because I just changed jobs and so it’s

Three Challenges 2022 Is Bringing Worship Leaders

Have you ever met a multiplying leader? They’re wired differently. You might be asking, “Well…uh…what is a multiplying leader, Pete?”  That’s a great question.  Multiplying leaders are leaders who are

Three Timeless Communication Strategies

I’ve long believed that successful leadership depends more on good communication than it does on making all the right decisions. Many leaders fail not because of bad decisions, but because

Three Pursuits That Will Change Your Worship

Recently, in our house, my youngest daughter started doing two things that had her worlds collide a little bit. She began watching the TV Series House. During this time, she