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The Uncommon Church

As an apostolic leader, I have always been drawn to the “build,” the “starting from nowhere.” Watching something come forth out of the ground enthuses me. I feel the same

Church Project: A Church of House Churches

Church Project started in 2010 as a Church of House Churches™. What began with 40 people and two House Churches has turned into a movement of thousands of people, in

State of the Microchurch Movement in the West

Where Does the Microchurch Movement in the West Find Itself? In 2022, Exponential NEXT convened a Learning Community of leading microchurch practitioners and network leaders. The goal of this community

Micro Churches Australia: Not one story

Micro Church Australia is not one story. It’s not one movement. It’s a movement of movements. As a young woman in church leadership in 2012, God convicted me of the

The Emergence of a Church Network

Channel Church began with a vision to go from Berkeley to the ends of the earth. The quest for multiplication was always a passion; however, early on, we focused on

The Primary Task of the Church

Considering the grand story of God’s redemption, it is almost impossible to overstate the importance of Jesus’ words, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Not only does

The Need for Soul Care

Ten years ago, the missional movement was in full swing. People talked about “being the church” instead of “going to church.” To reach this ideal, leaders began to talk about