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Christ Was Born into Poverty | Efrem Smith | Exponential

The Scriptures are clear that Christ was born into poverty as an oppressed minority. The only begotten Son of God,…

Planting and Leading a Kingdom-Centric Church

As I sat in Mosaix’s Third National Multiethnic Church Conference, I found myself dwelling among the most passionate activist-leaders on…


Planting With a Multi-Ethnic DNA | Derwin Gray | Exponential

Planting a multi-ethnic church must be done with intentionality. In this training video, planter Derwin Gray discusses seven parts of…


Making Diversity a Reality in Your Church Plant

In this training video from Exponential East 2016, multi-ethnic church planter Ron Dotzler explores how to move from thinking about diversity…


Why (and How) Your Church Should Address Racial Inequality

In this training video from Exponential East 2016, Mosaix Co-Founder Oneya Okuwobi explains how the Church can integrate diversity that…

Instilling Multi-Ethnic Values: 3 Critical Questions

"If the Kingdom of Heaven is not segregated, why is the Church?" -- author, pastor and Mosaix Co-Founder Mark DeYmaz…


Regaining Our Voice and Credibility | Mosaix | Exponential

Due to the systemic segregation of local churches today, the vast majority of pastors and churches in this country have…



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