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Introducing the Exponential NEXT Podcast

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The Lost Cause Movement

Dive into a live Q&A session with Faith Eury Cho, Albert Tate and Aaron & Hannah Barnett as they unpack some keys to an evangelism culture and why evangelism is

Is The Gospel Still Good News?

“Gospel” literally means “good news” … but if you ask many people in our increasingly pluralist and secular world, Christians who claim it as our central truth are less and

Should We Deconstruct Church Planting?

Evangelism Series // Week 2 Deconstruction has long been the activity of young people inside and outside of the church. However, this new wave of deconstruction has unique challenges that

God’s Lost Cause

Evangelism Series // Week 1 Dive deeper into the conversation of God’s Lost Cause with Dave Ferguson, Aaron Barnett and Hannah Barnett. • The Need for Reviving the Lost Cause: Problem: Evangelism

How To Share The Gospel

Is evangelism a lost cause in the American church? Why aren’t more Christians sharing the gospel? What evangelism methods are most effective in 2022 (and beyond)? Join us for a