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LNP Podcast

LNP 38 | The Inflection Point

We listened. We learned. The first finding from our “Listening Tour,” the Inflection Point, is explored further with Stephan Tchividjian, who leads National Christian Foundation in South Florida and is

LNP 34 | Longing to Belong

The next generation is searching for a place to belong. Our culture is offering them communities, networks, clubs, and more, but the Church offers the best answer. What if we

LNP 33 | Transforming a City

We have all been commissioned by God to make disciples. Many others have been called to plant new churches. But what would it look like to see an entire city

LNP 32 | What Is the State of Soul Care NOW?

Are you a jet-fuel-drinker or a candle-lighter? Either way, there’s inspiration and help for you as Soul Care’s first ever podcast launches at LN with a series on what we

FCP 26 | Walter Harvey, WI+H Movement

The WI+H Movement exists to transform every community’s pain points through a disciplemaking movement and using business as a tool of justice. They come alongside existing churches and new pastors

LNP 31 | The Church & AI

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve recently seen Artificial Intelligence take the world by storm. Bing’s ChatGPT, and Google’s Bard, are bringing artificial intelligence to the forefront publicly.