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LNP19 | Launching a Side Hustle

Many church leaders in America are plagued by financial insecurity—not only in their ministries, but also on the homefront. In this episode, you will learn about everyday missional side hustles

LNP17 | Finding Fresh Ways To Fund God’s Work

Everyday church leaders can find themselves consumed  with searching for that magic bullet called resources. If God gives vision, we must follow him and pursue the opportunities that are before us,

LNP16 | Investment As Mission

Stories of impact are popping up all over the country. God is on the move in unique ways like never before. As the Church emerges in this next season we

LNP15 | How the Kansas City Underground Emerged

Of Kansas City’s 2.2 million people, 1.8 million are unreached or have no meaningful engagement with the gospel, and we’re not okay with that. From what we’ve seen, the predominant

LNP13 | Rhythms of Healthy Microchurches

Guest: Hugh Halter Founder, Lantern Network A better framework for understanding microchurches has less to do with an event or a place; rather, seeing each as a family on mission.

LNP12 | Microchurches Emerge from Gospel Planting

Guest: Dr. Aila Tasse Founder and President, Lifeway Mission International Why would Jesus tell someone who desperately wants to leave his network to follow him, “No”? Because Jesus is smart.