Together: Pursuing The Great Collaboration

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Together – What Unites Us?

Together Webinar Series What Unites Us? Feature Guest: DANIEL YANG – Daniel is the Director of the Send Institute, leading and overseeing all of its initiatives. Prior to directing the

Together Podcast Series – Together As Family

Together Episode 3 —Together As Family GUESTS: DAVE & ANN WILSON, Co-Founders of Kensington Church HOST: DAVE FERGUSON The Great Collaboration starts with intimacy with God and then is lived out

Podcast: Together as a Church

Living in togetherness is always a part of following Jesus. It wasn't optional for Jesus. It wasn't optional for the first apostles. It wasn't optional for the first Christians, and

Podcast: Together with God

The first component of the Great Collaboration is doing life together with God. Before God will create community through you, He must first be in community with you. Only a

Podcast: Together the Great Collaboration

Right before Jesus left planet Earth, He reminded His closest followers of His vision for how the mission would be accomplished and gave us this third ‘great’ in John 17:22-23:

Podcast: How Big is Your Circle?

The vision of the church as the body of Christ does not pertain only to one local church. The body of Christ is made up of many churches, and each