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This site includes over 1,000 FREE, high-quality resources to equip church planters and multipliers. Content is organized via "channels" or specific areas of interest to church leaders. Just as the team at Exponential are passionate activists for multiplication, our content partner are equally passionate about their areas of interest. This page highlights our content partners who've already done the hard work to aggregate and curate content.
We value the love language of church planters: FREE whenever possible!
Content Channels

Exponential aggregates and distributes content from ministries who are passionate about and focused on specific areas impacting church multiplication. This approach ensures church planting leaders have easy on-demand access to relevant, high-quality content in areas related to church planting via content "channels".

Current "channels" include: Church Planting, Culture, Discipleship, Leadership, Missional, Multiethnic, Multisite, and Multiplication. Additional channel are being added.

These channels provide easy access, by topic, to over 1,000 free Exponential resources, including audios, videos, eBooks and articles.

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What will it take to move the needle on multiplication from less than 1 percent of churches multiplying to greater than 10%? At Exponential, we dream about closing this gap and hitting a tipping point where multiplication becomes mainstream and evolves into the new normal that leaders aspire to and pursue. The Multiplication Channel seeks to equip leaders with resources to help move the needle on multiplication and close the gap between our aspirations and our practices.

Multiplication Channel
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Passion for Planting
Church Planting

You’re launching a new church and the details seem overwhelming. The Church Planting Channel provides practical nuts and bolts resources on the "how to" methods for planting a church from the ground up.

Church Planting Channel
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Q Ideas

The culture channel equips Christians to remain faithful in a highly polarized postmodern landscape. The channel features content from experts and practitioners who address topics and conversations in every channel of culture.

Culture Channel
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Jesus modeled his way of making disciples who make disciples. He commanded us to do the same. The Discipleship Channel seeks to help you build your core mission around Jesus’ example of disciple making.

Discipleship Channel
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Seminary didn't prepare us for this. Courageous Conversations. Tough Calls. Team Building. Vision Casting. Hiring. Firing. This is leadership. The Leadership Channel provides a broad range of high-quality, relevant leadership resources.

Leadership Channel
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The Missional Channel seeks to assist leaders who are looking to engage more fully the practical ways of missional living and who desire to better understand and practice what it means to live the mission of Jesus in the normal routines of daily life.

Missional Channel
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Mosaix Network

The Multiethnic Channel seeks to connect you with people, opportunities, and resources that can help you plant healthy multiethnic churches or transition mono-ethnic congregations to more vibrant multiethnic churches in living color.

Multiethnic Channel
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Multisite Solutions

With over 5,000 multisite churches in America, multisite has emerged as the new normal for growing, healthy churches in the West. The Multisite Channel seeks to equip you in the rapidly-changing multisite world.

Multisite Channel