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The Church Planting Channel is focused on providing the essentials you need for planting a church. We're all about assisting those who are called by God to start new churches by providing practical advice, useful tools, and timely stories from the trenches. We want to help you plant churches by learning from those who have gone before you. You don't have to make all the mistakes yourself! There are so many resources out there ranging from personal coaching and mentoring to education and training to web-based applications. Our goal is to filter those down to a reasonable stack for you to review and pick that which fits your need today.

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Passion for Planting
Assessment & Training
Why you need both.
Church Planting Boot Camp
Equipping leaders to start healthy reproducing churches.
NCL 101: Introduction to New Church Development
Prepare for your church planting journey through these free online courses.
3 Church Plant Website Stages
3 Church Plant Website Stages You Need To Transition Through
Portable Church Tips
10 Insanely Practical Tips for Church Planters
Church Planting HR 101
7 Critical Church Plant HR Forms & Systems
This page is an archive of resources available through the Church Planting Channel. These resources include audios, videos, eBooks and articles from a wide range of national leaders and practioners. These are free resources made available through Exponential plus additional resources identified by the church planting channel curator (Passion for Planting).
Emerging Micro-Church Era: Addition, Reproduction, or Multiplication?
Todd Wilson
How networks can lead to multiplication and church health.
Branding For Church Planters
What is your church saying?
Wedding Pastor Network offers church planters an avenue to make a living and connect with unchurched members of their community.
Launch Strategy Template
Create Your Church Planting Plan
Customizable church planting equipment packages

"Big dreams scare some people, but they attract the right people."

Louie Giglio
Equip Ministry Resources Can Help You Do All Three
New To Five
Ralph Moore & Jeff Christopherson

This book explores how to start a Level 5 multiplying church.

Finding Your Pathway to Level Five Multiplication
Starting a Church?
Begin With These Initial Steps
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