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This page is an archive of resources available through the Culture Channel. These resources include audios, videos, eBooks and articles from a wide range of national leaders and practioners. These are free resources made available through Exponential plus additional resources identified by the culture channel curator (Q Ideas).

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  • BRIMSTONE … Cultural Engagement in a Crazy World
    Audio by Hugh Halter

    In this session Hugh will be addressing several key cultural issues that are causing the church to be an adversary instead of a friend of sinners.

  • Engaging the GLBTQ Community
    Audio by Deb Hirsch

    What does the gospel mean to GLBTQ people? How do we bear witness to the love of Jesus to a community that by-and-large gets the message that we don’t love them?

  • The Big Story: Sharing the Gospel in an Increasingly Unchurched Culture
    Audio by James Choung

    When our gospel is focused merely on the after-life, today's unchurched find our message irrelevant and possibly intolerant. In this workshop, discover a clear, field-tested way to present a larger vision of the gospel - one closer to what Jesus taught.

  • Restoring Local Church Credibility in a Polarized Society
    Audio by Mark DeYmaz

    Learn how to position your church to advance a more credible witness and to more effectively engage an increasingly diverse and cynical society for the sake of the gospel.

  • Making Outreach a Culture, Not an Event
    Audio by Kevin Harney

    Join Kevin Harney, the innovator of Organic Outreach, as he helps you design a strategy that will keep outreach central in the life of your ministry, from before you launch, during the first year and for the first decade in the life of your church.

  • Lessons from Antioch: Effective Cross-Cultural Evangelism
    Audio by John Teter

    In this workshop, we will not answer the "why" questions about evangelism. Instead, in the spirit of the 72 Jesus sent out in Luke 10, we will focus on "how" people come to faith and how we can actively partner with God as he heals and saves.

  • Come & See, Go & Be: Leading a Church That's Better Seven Days a Week
    Audio by Jeanne Stevens

    Typically, Faith comes before Following. But, as we engage an often reluctant culture we find that Following can come before, and be a catalyst to Faith. Come and learn how and why Soul City Church is a place where we see a community of Following leading to Faith.

  • Ancient Future: Old School Truth, New School Tools
    Audio by Dave Gibbons

    Discover design principles to impact your community and beyond. Learn about new tools you can use for real change.

  • Cultural Agility and Multi-Ethnic Church
    Audio by Kevin Haah

    Without cultural agility and sensibility, you shouldn't plant or lead a multi-ethnic church. Kevin Haah, who planted and leads a multi-ethnic church, will share ways to develop your cultural agility to enable you to plant or lead a multi-ethnic church.

  • Exegeting Cultures
    Audio by Linda Bergquist

    Tools, jewels and insane rules for knowing a place and it's people.

  • The Post-Christian City: How to Start on Mission in a Hostile or Disdainful Culture
    Audio by Kevin Haah

    Kevin Haah planted "an inclusive gospel-centered" church in downtown Los Angeles, where most people are liberal and hostile to church. In this workshop, he'll share his story and how the church reached liberals with the gospel while remaining faithful to the Word of God.

  • Creating an All In Culture
    Audio by Rick Bezet

    How do you move people from attenders, to grudging volunteers to engaged participants in the life of the church? Join Pastor Rick Bezet as he explains how to create a culture of "All-In Support" from volunteers and lay staff.

  • Culture: Five Stages of Cultural Formation
    Audio by Dave Saathoff

    Cultural development naturally progresses through FIVE STAGES. When leaders understand these stages, they can avoid unnecessary pitfalls. If you want the right stuff, you must create the right environment.

  • The State of the American Church
    Audio by Dave Olson

    Join Dave Olson as he presents the reality the American church faces. Dave provides an up-to-the-minute profile of the opportunities and difficulties the American Church faces, plus why church plants are so critical for Christianity to be healthy in the United States.

  • Leading a Gospel-Centered Church That Is Immersed in Culture
    Audio by Chris Seay

    Paul's letters to the church in Corinth are useless to churches that only engage the religious culture, but they have so much to teach the church that enters the deep brokenness of culture. Discover the truths that guide churches engaging the brothels and pagan temples of our day.

  • Third Culture
    Audio by Dave Gibbons

    This workshop is from the 2010 Exponential Conference in the Nuts & Bolts Track.

  • The Culture of a Life-Giving Church
    Audio by Rick Bezet

    This workshop is from the 2010 Exponential Conference in the Nuts & Bolts Track.

  • Church Planting that Engages Culture
    Audio by Efrem Smith

    This workshop is from the 2009 Exponential Conference in the Nuts & Bolts Track.

  • How Do You Change Messy People?
    Audio by John Burke

    This workshop is from the 2009 Exponential Conference in the Nuts & Bolts Track.

  • Starting a Church out of the Culture
    Audio by John Burke

    This workshop is from the 2009 Exponential Conference in the Nuts & Bolts Track.

  • Navigating Cultural Landmines
    Audio by John Burke

    This workshop is from the 2008 Exponential Conference in the Nuts & Bolts Track.

  • Special Report: What Planters Need to Know About Today's Skeptics
    Blog / Article by Barna Group

    Barna Research Group identifies five demographic shifts among U.S. atheists and agnostics.

  • 5 Things Millennials Wish the Church Would Be
    Blog / Article by Marian V. Liautaud

    New Barna research reveals the questions church planters should ask to authentically and effectively engage young adults.