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This page is an archive of resources available through the Discipleship Channel. These resources include audios, videos, eBooks and articles from a wide range of national leaders and practioners. These are free resources made available through Exponential plus additional resources identified by the discipleship channel curator (

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  • Discipleship in the Home - Part 1
    Audio by Bobby Harrington

    The most important discipleship for a church leader is within your own home, with your children. It is the First Great Commission of Deuteronomy 6:6-9 before Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20.

  • The False Promise of Discipleship
    eBook by Bill Hull and Brandon Cook

    The question seems harmless enough, but in this new Exponential eBook, the venerable Hull and Cook, point out the detrimental effects of having a discipleship that’s primarily based on getting closer to Jesus and the question “How am I doing?”

  • Revisiting the Master Plan of Evangelism: Why Jesus' Discipleship Method is Still the Best Today
    eBook by Robert Coleman and Bobby Harrington with Josh Patrick

    Dr. Robert Coleman set the standard for discipleship and evangelism in the 20th century when he wrote the watershed book The Master Plan of Evangelism over 50 years ago.

  • Discipling Skeptics & Seekers: Why Every Believer Needs to Share Their Faith
    eBook by Beau Crosetto and James Choung

    1) Why every believer needs to be doing evangelism and leading people to faith; and 2) How you can create a culture of witness in your church or faith community.

  • Evangelism OR Discipleship: Can They Effectively Work Together?
    eBook by Bill Hull and Bobby Harrington

    Teter explores Acts 1-2 as an example of how disciples flourished in the midst of the crucible of adversity and gives today’s church a blueprint for making disciples, not just decisions.

  • What We Repent INTO: 5 Things Every New Believer Must Do
    eBook by John Teter

    Teter explores Acts 1-2 as an example of how disciples flourished in the midst of the crucible of adversity and gives today’s church a blueprint for making disciples, not just decisions.

  • Transcend: Beyond the Limits of Discipleship
    eBook by Matt Smay

    Transcend from Missio leader Matt Smay (co-author of The Tangible Kingdom) emerged out of Smay’s frustration that our discipleship process tends to focus all of our energy on learning to love God without accounting for integration into our relationships?

  • The Great Disappearance: Why the Word 'Disciple' Disappears After Acts 21 and Why It Matters for Us Today
    eBook by Mike Breen

    We can assume that making disciples is perhaps the greatest pursuit of any Christian as these were the last instructions by Jesus. And for the first few years of the early church, we see this clearly at work.

  • Enough Already: How Simply Using Silence and a God-Centered Approach to Scripture Fosters Discipleship
    eBook by Emily Lawyer

    In this free resource, author Emily Lawyer introduces us to a God-centered discipleship process that has proven effective with both men and women.

  • Grow: Reproducing through Organic Discipleship
    eBook by Winfield Bevins

    In this book, pastor and author Winfield Bevins presents an organic model of discipleship for the 21st century that focuses on making disciples with four essentials: gospel-centered, missional, community, and reproductive.

  • Beyond Salvation
    eBook by Aaron Couch

    Couch explores what the term “Gospel” means; how it relates to Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom; and how the first hearers of this idea would have interpreted this message.

  • The Gospel Disciple: Moving Beyond the Weekend
    eBook by David Putman

    The Gospel Disciple explores the fact that Gospel-centrality is key to understanding our disciple-making mission, and in turn understanding our disciple-making mission is key to understanding the church.

  • With Me: Relational Essentials for a Discipleship Ethos
    eBook by Lance Ford

    For too long, the most essential tools for disciple making have been neglected. Nothing can substitute for the Jesus-way of inviting others to be with us as we do life.

  • Disciples Who Make Disciples
    eBook by Greg Nettle and Alex Absalom

    Disciples Who Make Disciples covers what it means to define discipleship in a biblical, simple yet challenging way (What is Jesus saying to you and what are you doing in response?);

  • Discipleship is the Core Mission of the Church: Helping People Trust and Follow Jesus
    eBook by Bobby Harrington

    In this eBook, Founding and Lead Pastor Bob Harrington pursues the assertion that discipleship is the core purpose of the church. True disciples learn how to worship God, serve the poor, reach lost people, proclaim justice, support their members, etc.

  • Released
    eBook by Matt Carter

    If 2000 more people come to our church this year, very little changes. If 2000 people from within our church are released out into the world to be ministers of the gospel, everything changes.

  • Shifted: The Crossing Story
    eBook by Jerry Harris

    Shifted: The Crossing Story is a case study on the steps taken to turn The Crossing Church from the exclusively attractional model to one based on relational discipleship. Harris shows how these changes can take place even in a very large and multi-site church.

  • A Living Legacy: Discipling Church Planters
    eBook by Chris Wienand

    Chris Wienand’s story. He was discipled into a journey in which he and the others with him believed they could impact the nations through church planting. That journey put a spin on discipleship that deeply fashioned his life.

  • The Emotionally Healthy Church Planter
    eBook by Pete Scazzero

    In The Emotionally Healthy Church Planter, Pete Scazzero draws from his twenty-five years of experience planting and pastoring a church in New York City, and lays out a radical, life-transforming pathway for deeply rooting your work for Jesus in the rich soil of a life with Jesus.

  • I Woke Up in Heaven: Near Life Experiences
    eBook by David Putman

    pastor/author David Putman has been on an all-out search for glimpses of heaven and eternity.

  • Transformational Partnerships: Church to Church
    eBook by Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder

    Making disciples is a team sport. If a local church wants to disciple a neighborhood, community or city, they can’t do it alone. That kind of community transformation will require the local church to partner with other churches.

  • Move For Church Planters
    eBook by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson

    This concisely written eBook is based on the top findings for church planters to emerge from REVEAL, an unprecedented survey launched by Willow Creek Community Church in 2004 that now represents the input of close to half a million people in 1,500 churches.

  • Be the Church: Discipleship and Mission Made Simple
    eBook by Caesar Kalinowski and Seth McBee

    This short book of simple pictures and conversations is meant to offer a starting point - a way to get, or keep, the dialogue going around some of the key issues surrounding who we are as the Church and what our mission really is.

  • Calling's Way: The Art of Guiding Others to Live Their Unique Mission
    eBook by Pete Richardson

    We all wrestle with the same daunting questions about our lives: Why am I here? Do I have a unique, God-created role to play in His Kingdom during my lifetime? If so, how do I discover what it is?

  • Unleashed: Finding Epic Adventure in Everyday Life
    eBook by Bill Couchenour and Ed Bahler

    Unleashed! encourages living in the paradox, practicing faith beyond a to-do list, and connecting the whole of life with the Sacred. In our internet, macro/micro connected world we search for ways to weave the practices of our faith throughout life.

  • The Spectrum of Involvement: Moving Your People Out on Mission
    eBook by Tim Stevens and Jack Magruder

    As church leaders, we know people won’t become disciples by sitting through services or just studying the Bible in classrooms. Jesus showed us that mission is the context for making disciples who can make disciples.

  • @Discipleship in 140 Characters
    eBook by Lindy Lowry and Ron Furgerson

    In Discipleship in 140 Characters, Lindy Lowry and Ron Furgerson shine a light on the discipleship conversation taking place nationwide, including both Verge 2013 and Exponential 2013 gatherings.

  • Disciplism: Reimagining Evangelism through the Lens of Discipleship
    eBook by Alan Hirsch

    In this new eBook, Hirsch highlights the missional priority of discipleship and helps leaders reframe their understanding and practice of evangelism in the context of disciple making.

  • The Great Commission and the Rest of Creation: Why Jesus Is Good News for People and Planet
    eBook by Linda Bergquist

    In this FREE resource, church planting veteran Linda Bergquist offers a new perspective for understanding Scripture in more whole, ecological ways. She provides practical suggestions for helping people who really care about the world to better understand and connect with God’s plans and purposes.

  • One Of: Beginning the Missional Journey
    eBook by Alex Absalom and Greg Nettle

    One Of is a practical guide to transition your church into a movement of disciples who make disciples. It tells the compelling story of RiverTree (a church of more than 3,000 people), as they moved from a purely attractional model of church to become a missional church that is attractive.

  • Christ for President
    eBook by Randy Frazee

    This book will look at four key foundational concepts, one per chapter, from the teaching of Jesus and show how the early Christians of the first 350 years implemented these ideas that resulted in Christianity reaching 56.5 percent of the world population.

  • Discipleship at Home: A Father-Son Journey
    Audio by Bobby Harrington and Chad Harrington

    Join as Bobby and his son Chad talk about the stories and principles that formed their home. The principles they teach provide a helpful summary of the book the wrote together, Dedicated: Training Your Children to Trust and Follow Jesus.

  • Five Subtle Shifts that Sabotage Evangelism & Discipleship
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    Come discover the five subtle shifts of mission creep and how they've impacted our ability to fulfill both halves of the great commission.

  • Revisiting the Master Plan 50 Years Later
    Audio by Robert Coleman and Kennon Vaughan

    join Robert Coleman and one of the men he discipled - Dr. Kennon Vaughn, a young discipleship leader and church planter as they talk about following Jesus' method of discipleship today.

  • Disciplism
    Audio by Alan Hirsch

    Join highly respected missional leader Alan Hirsch as he explains how discipleship and evangelism work.

  • Relational Discipleships
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Jesus' method of discipleship was based upon relationships. Join us to learn how churches are replicating this same approach today with one of the nation's leading discipleship pastors

  • The Gospel in All of Life
    Audio by Caesar Kalinowski

    We'll look at how we can learn to share the Gospel with people in ways that is truly good news concerning this life–how there is good news for them concerning their marriage, parenting, fears, abuses, addictions etc.

  • Gospel-Centered Discipleship
    Audio by Jonathan Dodson

    Jonathan will describe how a gospel-centered disciple returns to the gospel over and over again, to receive, apply, and spread God's forgiveness and grace into every aspect of life.

  • Discipleship in Public: Weekend Church Services
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Jim Putman will explain how weekend services are a very important part of the discipleship process and how they serve as a funnel into more "personal discipling relationships at Real Life Ministries."

  • Five Subtle Shifts that Sabotage Evangelism & Discipleship
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    Come discover the five subtle shifts of mission creep and how they've impacted our ability to fulfill both halves of the great commission.

  • Planting Disciples: Spiritual Formation in a New Church
    Audio by Earl Creps

    This workshop deals with effective spiritual formation for church plants in the pre-launch, pre-system or "what comes after home groups?" stages.

  • Discipling Leaders
    Audio by Bob Franquiz

    Bob Franquiz will share the nuts of bolts of discipling and raising up leaders in the context of the local church.

  • Discipleship in Social Space: Missional Communities
    Audio by Alex Absalom

    In this session you will learn the Biblical and sociological rationale for gathering in groups that are 20+ in size (everyone who hears this stuff is fascinated by its power). We'll also be looking at some of the practicalities of running missional communities in social space.

  • Small Matters! Discipling Children
    Audio by Greg Nettle

    How to effectively disciple children who will change the world now and forever. This is a game changing church planting principle.

  • Groups Matter
    Audio by Micah Fries

    Micah Fries, will help planters, pastors and other church leaders understand the theological and practical importance of groups to their churches evangelistic, discipleship, mission and assimilation efforts, as well as understand how to chart a path forward with their groups."

  • Discipleship and the Word
    Audio by Bobby Harrington

    Join Bobby Harrington of as he explains how to effectively utilize the Word of God in discipling relationships and the impact that it has on disciples.

  • Make Jesus' Method Your Church Planting Method
    Audio by Aaron Couch

    In this session Aaron Couch will describe how Real Life was planted with Jesus' method of discipleship as the model: a method that continues to be used as they plant multiple campuses.

  • Why Discipleship Needs to be at the Heart of Church Planting
    Audio by Dhati Lewis

    Planting churches is about more than finding a building, pulling off events, raising funds and preaching. Come learn biblical principles in regard to recapturing the heart of disciple-making in the local church.

  • Discipleship as Evangelism
    Audio by Caesar Kalinowski

    Come learn the pattern and environments that Jesus used to draw people to the Truth and make disciples that changed the world.

  • Making Disciples
    Audio by Brandon Guindon

    The session will cover the idea of being a disciple ourselves in order for people to see a healthy example. We'll also look at the common questions that surround disciple-making.

  • Discipleship in Transparent Space: D Groups
    Audio by Robby Gallaty

    Robby will summarize the effective model utilized in his book, Growing Up. He will show how to transform lives through vulnerable, intimate discipling.

  • Innovating Discipleship: A Case Study of One of America's Fastest Growing Churches
    Audio by Will Mancini

    Discover how to redesign your ministry for real discipleship results. Using Will Mancini's Innovating Discipleship, you can learn a step-by-step approach to building a discipleship culture by unpacking a powerful case study of one of America's fast-growth churches.

  • Relationships are the Top Priority
    Audio by Jason Lantz

    Jason, the founder of Love Canton and now the leader of the River Tree Movement will describe how this focus works in practical terms.

  • Discipleship in Divine Space: Spiritual Formation
    Audio by Bill Hull

    Bill Hull describes how to utilize spiritual practices and habits in the process of being a disciple of Jesus and becoming more and more like him. Practical and very enlightening.

  • Discipleship in the Local Urban Church
    Audio by Tommy Kyllonen

    There must be intentional systems and processes in place to help people take the next steps in their walk with Christ to become mature disciples. We'll discuss the unique dynamics causing this process to look different in the urban context

  • Master Plan of Evangelism
    Audio by Robert Coleman

    The workshop seeks to show the way this strategy unfolds in the life of Jesus, but more to the point, how it takes form in our lives and culture today.

  • Evangelism or Discipleship
    Audio by Bill Hull and Bobby Harrington

  • FIVE DISCIPLESHIP SHIFTS: From Accumulating to Deploying
    Audio by Michael Frost

    Missiologist/author Michael Frost describes what happens when discipleship is the engine driving a church's mission.

  • DISCIPLING RELATIONSHIPS: Holy Spirit Discipleship
    Audio by Bill Hull

    Join Bill Hull as he explores the role of the Holy Spirit in relation to how personal change takes place. To be a disciple is to be a learner, a student.

  • DISCIPLESHIP ESSENTIALS: Reproducible Process
    Audio by Jim Putman and Luke Yetter

    Jim Putman and Luke Yetter describe a reproducible method of discipleship found in Scripture. Discipleship is a process, and those who make disciples need to be clear-minded about it.

  • FIVE DISCIPLESHIP SHIFTS: From Informing to Equipping
    Audio by Robert Coleman

    Robert Coleman brings his many years of ministry experience, as he discusses the Ephesians 4 mandate calling church leaders to be coach-equippers, not lecturers. Learn how you can coach and empower the ministry of all believers.

  • FIVE DISCIPLESHIP SHIFTS: From Program to Purpose
    Audio by Rick Warren

    Drawing upon his vast experience in church leadership, Rick Warren shares the importance of person-to-person discipleship and how it builds God's church and changes lives.

  • Drawing upon his vast experience in church leadership, Rick Warren shares the importance of person-to-person discipleship and how it builds God's church and changes lives.
    Audio by Efrem Smith

    Efrem Smith shows us that a church is not about keeping people busy with activity, but instead Christ-centered relationships. Jesus' discipleship method was relationships, not activities. Discover how important it is to develop a church committed to relationships.

    Audio by Alex Absalom

    Alex Absalom will show us how Jesus and the leaders of the early church discipled people in large and social groups.

  • DISCIPLING RELATIONSHIPS: Personal Discipleship
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Jim Putman considers how Jesus focused His discipleship efforts on 12 men.

  • FIVE EVANGELISM SHIFTS: Rethinking Outreach: 5 Subtle Shifts That Sabotage Outreach and Discipleship
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    Larry Osborne helps us rethink outreach and challenges us to do evangelism as a community of believers though both Word and deed.

  • DISCIPLESHIP ESSENTIALS: Innovating Discipleship
    Audio by Will Mancini

    This workshop will uncover the primary obstacle that keeps us stuck in our "okay" models and inspire you with mind-stretching illustrations. Most importantly, it will provide a simple tool that will guide you, step by step, into the freedom and confidence of real discipleship.

    Audio by Dudley Rutherford

    Dudley Rutherford shows us what Jesus meant when He said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples" (John 8:31).

  • DISCIPLESHIP ESSENTIALS: Developing a Multiplying Leadership Culture
    Audio by Chris Wienand

    Chris Wienand considers Jesus' method of relational discipleship, focusing on the truth that relationship is both the environment of discipleship and the fruit of a true discipling culture.

  • DISCIPLING RELATIONSHIPS: Come and See Discipleship
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    Larry Osborne shows us that discipleship is not just up close and personal. Jesus discipled people through His teachings in public settings. Because He spoke with authority, the crowds longed to hear what He had to say.

    Audio by Rick Warren

    God never wants you to waste the pain in your life, hear from Pastor Rick as he shares on how to use your pain for good.

  • DISCIPLESHIP ESSENTIALS: Discipling Those in the Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Transgender Communities
    Audio by Deb Hirsch

    Deb Hirsch draws upon her experience loving and discipling those who are often the hardest for the traditional church to reach. Deb describes how true love for people breaks down barriers and enables the truth of the gospel to shine forth in our discipling relationships.

  • FIVE DISCIPLESHIP SHIFTS: From Reaching to Making
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Discipleshift occurs when church leaders move away from only reaching people and toward relational disciple-making that apprentices people in the ways of Jesus.

  • Upside Down Church Planting - From Disciples to Communities to Congregation
    Audio by Caesar Kalinowski

    Caesar will lay out a new trajectory and advocate for planting churches in reverse-starting with discipleship that leads to the formation of communities led by trained leaders that over time begin to come together as one congregation.

  • MISSIONAL BASICS (mDNA): Disciple-Making
    Audio by Hugh Halter

    Join missional thought leader Hugh Halter as he sets the definition for what a disciple really is and gives you a clear pathway for making one.

  • How Discipleship Fuels Missional Communities
    Audio by Bob Rognlien

    Many churches and leaders today are excited about reclaiming Jesus' and the early church's strategy to build house-sized communities focused on serving and reaching those outside the faith.

  • MULTI-SITE: Rooted: Discipleship in a Multisite Environment
    Audio by Kenton Beshore

    Creating a culture of developmental discipleship can be a challenge on one campus, let alone four. Kenton Beshore, Senior Pastor of Mariners Church, discusses how to build momentum and continuity in a discipleship experience among campuses while simultaneously preserving each community's identity.

  • How to Make Disciples that Multiply

  • Emotionally Healthy Discipleship
    Audio by Pete Scazzero

    This practical seminar will look at how to implement the unique missing elements of spiritual formation in 21st century churches around the world.

  • Get off Your Donkey
    Audio by Reggie McNeal

    In the parable of the Good Samaritan the person in need only gets help when someone gets off his donkey. This workshop is a call to action for leaders to unbundle and release the social capital of our congregations into making our communities better.

  • Disciple-Making Pastor
    Audio by Bill Hull

    Highly respected discipleship leader, Bill Hull helps church planters understand their role as the head coach creating a disciple-making community. Practical insights from one of North America's leading voices on discipleship.

  • Posture: How Relationships Change Discipleship
    Audio by Philip Nation

    What kind of posture is necessary in a person's life for life change to occur? Is it just humility or is it just missional? Join us for this workshop as we deal with the ideas of how personal posture and relational intentionality affect discipleship.

  • Five Components to Become a Disciple Making Church
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Take a closer look at how implementing these five key components into your church's culture can help your church achieve the role of making disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.

  • Discipleship and Shifted: The Crossings Story
    Audio by Jerry Harris

    Hear the story of the Crossings, a large church committed to multi-site campuses in small towns, and how they made the shift to discipleship.

  • From Consumership to Discipleship
    Audio by Hugh Halter

    Hugh Halter unveils the process his team takes every church member through to limit consumerism and create only one pathway forward--The "pathway of missional discipleship."

  • Relationships That Will Transform a City!
    Audio by Kevin Haah

    Kevin Haah, lead pastor of New City Church in the heart of Los Angeles, unpacks why relationships are vital in a post-modern, multi-cultural, socio-economically diverse world.

  • Discipleship in the Real World: Why Most of Our Models Sound Good but Don't Work
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    Let's admit it, most of our current hot button discipleship strategies and methods sound a lot better than they look in the real world. Come discover discipleship's dirty little secrets, and the inconvenient truths about spiritual growth & maturity that most leaders miss.

  • Moving from Additional to Intentional: Discipleship in the Rhythms of Life
    Audio by Caesar Kalinowski

    Over and over again when people begin to engage a life lived on mission they wonder or ask, "How would I ever have the time to DO all of this?!" But God has designed our lives in such a way that we already live in a rhythm of opportunities to both display and proclaim the gospel.

  • Nuts & Bolts for a Discipling Movement
    Audio by Mike Breen and Dave Rhodes

    Every movement of discipleship and mission in the last 2000 years has actually had a number of things in common. In this workshop, we'll look at the necessary components for starting a discipling movement.

  • Four Relational Spaces That Will Transform Your Discipleship World
    Audio by Alex Absalom

    Alex Absalom, one of the pioneers in the missional movement, shares the value, benefits and Biblical basis for using different group sizes in discipleship as well as practical steps to launch missional community groups.

  • Why Discipleship Matters
    Audio by Ed Stetzer

    In this session, Stetzer will address the issues of disciplemaking in a new church, with research and examples from other new churches and the church he is currently planting.

  • Jesus Method of Discipleship
    Audio by Robert Coleman

    Robert Coleman in the author of The Master Plan of Evangelism, which has sold millions of copies around the world and is considered the seminal work on Discipleship.

  • Disciple Making Assimilating: Activating New Leaders
    Audio by Chad Hunt

    This workshop turns our traditional approach to assimilation on its head, creating a model where our weekend services becomes a step towards making disciples and leaders.

  • This workshop turns our traditional approach to assimilation on its head, creating a model where our weekend services becomes a step towards making disciples and leaders.
    Audio by David Putman

    Imagine having a church of new and growing leaders on mission together. This workshop focuses on exploring three key areas that have potential for unleashing a movement.

  • Beyond Salvation
    Audio by Aaron Couch

    Aaron will talk about true transformation; an engagement with post modern realities with a focus on discipleship (what it means to go beyond "just salvation")

  • Power, Purpose and Plan of the Gospel: The Discipleship Imperative
    Audio by Jeff Vanderstelt

    Discipleship can no longer be seen as an "add on" or optional aspect of the mission of the Church. The imperative of the Gospel is that we make disciples who make disciples.

  • R.E.I. The Key to Making Disciples Who Make Disciples
    Audio by Greg Nettle

    Greg Nettle, President of Stadia and Senior Pastor of RiverTree Church, shares why relationships, experiences and information are essential to discipleship along with practical tips to jumpstart your discipleship adventure. Real-life practice from RiverTree and Stadia.

  • The Role Sunday Plays in Making Disciples
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Weekend worship can be strategically aligned to become a bridge from the community into relationship with others for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus.

  • Evangelism vs. Discipleship
    Audio by Bobby Harrington

    We are not told to make converts, but disciples. Learn how to think about "pre-conversion discipleship" instead of "evangelism." This simple shifts leads to a different approach.

  • From Converts to Contagions - How to Create a Discipleship Epidemic
    Audio by Derwin Gray

    The task of the church is to join Jesus on His mission of making disciples of all people? But how do we accomplish this task? Join Derwin for this insightful and surprising workshop on discipleship.

  • Rebuiliding a Discipleship Culture in the Local Church
    Audio by Dhati Lewis

    We are in a new day, but still struggling with old problems. Jesus said, "the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few…pray to the Lord of the harvest for laborers." With growing urbanization in the United States, we need to prepare leaders for the next generation.

  • Why Discipleship Is Impossible without the Relational Factor
    Audio by David Putman

    Discover the keys to relational discipleship and why and how it produces dramatic life change. Become the disciple you want others to become!

  • The Why, How, and What of Disciple-Making
    Audio by Alex Absalom

    In order to build a dynamic discipleship culture, you need to create the undergirding vision and values, as well the practical vehicles people will interact with.

  • Discipling Everyone
    Audio by Aaron Couch

    Since discipleship is the mission, the key question is how do we make this happen for everyone in a practical Real-life setting? Aaron will tell the inspiring story of how a church in Moscow, Idaho made it happen.

  • Small Groups that Make Disciples
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Jim will explain how service is both a reflection of discipleship and a pathway back into the church where people learn how to become disciples.

  • From Weekend Services to Disciples Who Make Disciples
    Audio by Jerry Harris

    In this session Jerry will explain how to create high impact church services and how to lead people into personal discipling relationships through these services.

  • The Theology of Relational Discipleship
    Audio by Bobby Harrington

    Bobby will make the case that the local church should be committed to "Relational Discipleship" because of New Testament teaching. Discipleship is the theme behind every book in the New Testament.

  • Mentoring to Multiply: How to Disciple the Next Generation
    Audio by Neil Cole

    In this break out Neil will share principles of how to invest in the next generation and prepare them to do the same.

  • Discipleship's Dirty Little Secrets
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    Larry Osborne will explore eight overlooked truths about how spiritual growth and maturity actually work in the real world.

  • Discipleship and Missional Movements
    Audio by Mike Breen

    This pre-conference, led my Mike Breen and the 3DM team, is on the practice of starting and sustaining a missional movement in your local ministry context, whether you're a church planter, at a large church or anything in between.

  • Aligning People Around the Mission of Discipleship
    Audio by Jim Putman

    Alignment is a key concept which describes how every part of church life needs to focus upon, contribute to, and uphold discipleship. Alignment is making sure that everyone understands what the church is about, where it is going, and how it is getting there.

  • The Missional Significance of Discipleship
    Audio by Alan Hirsch

    This session will explore why focusing on developing disciples and forming people in the Way of Jesus is of strategic significance to the creation, health, and viability of any church or church planting movement.

  • Best Practices in Spiritual Formation
    Audio by Cally Parkinson

    Come learn how top-ranked churches in “spiritual vitality” grow people into disciples of Christ.

  • Best Practices in Spiritual Formation
    Audio by Cally Parkinson

    Come learn how top-ranked churches in “spiritual vitality” grow people into disciples of Christ.

    Come learn how top-ranked churches in “spiritual vitality” grow people into disciples of Christ.

  • Foster Age Appropriate Spiritual Formation
    Audio by Rick Howerton

    This workshop is from the 2010e Exponential Conference in the Discipleship

  • Raising Disciples Who Live on Loan
    Audio by Rick Rusaw

    This workshop is from the 2010e Exponential Conference in the Discipleship

  • The Jesus Adhesive: Disciples That Stick
    Audio by Matt Chandler

    This workshop is from the 2010e Exponential Conference in the Discipleship

  • The Leader's Capacity to Make Disciples
    Audio by Matt Chandler

    This workshop is from the 2009e Exponential Conference in the Discipleship

  • Post-Launch: Rethink Discipleship
    Audio by David Putman

    This workshop is from the 2007e Exponential Conference in the Discipleship

  • Pre-Launch: Disciple-Making DNA
    Audio by Jim Putman

    This workshop is from the 2007e Exponential Conference in the Discipleship

  • 7 Lessons Learned as the Son of a Church Planter
    Blog / Article by Chad Harrington

    Most church planters who have kids ask the question at some point, is church planting really the best for my kids?

  • Why Passion Isn't Enough for Discipleship
    Blog / Article by Ben Sternke

    Listening to the predominant narrative of modern evangelical Christianity, you could get the impression that passion is all we need to live a life of discipleship to Jesus.

  • 10 Indications a Church Is Making Disciples
    Blog / Article by Ron Edmondson

    It is true that you can’t necessarily put a number or percentage on discipleship growth, but you can tell — over time — if it has happened or is happening.

  • Missing the Point 01: Discipleship
    Audio by Aaron Monts

    Have we really rediscovered the missing piece of the Great Commission? (“Therefore, go and make disciples…”) Are we finally beginning to understand that “evangelism” is really about making disciples?

  • Troubleshooting the Four Fields: 3. Discipleship
    Audio by Steve Addison

    We’re looking at how Nathan Shank troubleshoots each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

    The Discipleship Field is about simple reproducing methods of teaching new believers to follow and obey Jesus.

  • 4 Main Roles of a Disciple-Making Leaders
    Audio by Jim Putman

    How do you plant and lead a church that carries out Jesus’ Commission to all who follow Him?

  • What Planters Can Learn from Jesus' Discipleship Method
    Audio by Robert Coleman

    'Everyone—regardless of the ministry gift God gives us—is a ministering priest.'

  • From the Power of Jesus to the Pursuit of Justice
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    The pursuit of justice is important to anyone who follow Christ and calls himself or herself a disciple. It’s core to what it means to follow Jesus.

  • Recovering Jesus-Shaped Discipleship
    Audio by Alan Hirsch

    The word “discipleship” ought to be a stand-alone term that can carry the full weight of biblical spirituality as defined in Jesus’ version of the shema (Mark 12:28-31).

  • ReThinking Witness: Creating a Culture for Discipling Skeptics
    Audio by Beau Crosetto and James Choung

    When it comes to discipling skeptics and seekers, we’ve found that it’s easier for believers to get involved in evangelism when you have an evangelistic community that supports their endeavors.