This page exists to assist church leaders who are looking to engage more fully the practical ways of missional living and who need help leading their congregations in a faithful missional journey. We also want to help everyday Christians who desire to better understand and practice what it means to live the mission of Jesus in the normal routines of daily life.

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Michael Frost & Church Metrics
There is a great need for developing metrics that are consistent with the mission of God and the purpose of the church.
We need to think of the church more as an exponential people movement involving all of God’s people.
The Current and Future State of The Church in The West
Mike Breen, Eddie Gibbs & Lance Ford
Learn what it takes to do community events and engagement well.
Engaging God's Mission Where You Live, Work & Play
How First, Second & Third Places Provide a Framework For Living Out Missionality
Hospitality is a practice that asks us to do what in the world’s eyes might seem inconsequential but from the perspective of the gospel is a manifestation of God’s kingdom.
Alan Hirsch and Tim Keller
Church, Culture & The Gospel
In most of the pre and post-Christendom world the reality of a full-time paid minister is a non-reality.
Reading the Whole Bible As Mission - Christopher Wright
Moving from a biblical basis for mission, to a missional basis of the Bible
“Do not make people projects. Do not use people or manipulate them. Love them like Jesus does.”
Adopt a Posture of Listening - Michael Frost
What if we moved into a neighborhood or city with a posture of listening to the needs of a community?
The primary activity of God is in the world around us, and the church is a sign and instrument created by God to be sent into the world to participate in what he is already doing in the particular places that we call home.
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