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This page is an archive of resources available through the Multisite Channel. These resources include audios, videos, eBooks and articles from a wide range of national leaders and practioners. These are free resources made available through Exponential plus additional resources identified by the multisite channel curator (Multisite Solutions).

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MultiSite Solutions
  • Multisite: The New Normal
    Audio by Greg Ligon

    This session will explore the various models of multi-site that shape the movement along with a look at the latest trends and best practices.

  • The New Frontier of Multisite Movements
    Audio by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson

    Hear the COMMUNITY story and discover the strategies for a reproducing movement. Discover what it takes to move from multisite to church planting to creating a reproducing movement.

  • Multisite: Learning from Our Mistakes
    Audio by Brett Andrews and Pat Furgerson

    For this seminar, we have rounded up a panel of expert mistake-makers! Together, they share decades of experience in multi-site, and they have the bruises to prove it. So if you want to learn from Ph.D's in messing up, you'll fit right in.

  • Seven Moves to Multi-Site
    Audio by Jon Ferguson

    Learn about the path Community Christian Church and other churches have walked that led them to launch multiple locations.

  • Missional Communities and Launching a Multi-site campus.
    Audio by Al Dangelo

    Our team launched RiverTree Christian Church's fourth location, built around the fabric of missional communities. We're 18 months old this spring and have learned so much through things not going as we planned. We'll gladly share principles we've learned as well as the ways we've failed forward.

  • MULTI-SITE: Saddleback's Multi-Site Journey
    Audio by Ron Keck

    Come and hear Ron Keck, Pastor of Venues and Regional Campuses for Saddleback Church, discuss what the church has learned and continues to learn about being a multi-site church--including planting seven regional campuses and a plan to start international campuses.

  • MULTI-SITE: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
    Audio by Dudley Rutherford

    Come prepared to discover valued lessons in church planting and multi-site ministry from someone who has done both. Dudley Rutherford shares the good, the not so good and the just plain ugly of planting and multiplication.

  • MULTI-SITE: On-Ramp to the Multi-Site Church Revolution
    Audio by DJ Chuang

    The number of multi-site churches has grown exponentially worldwide from around 100 in 1996 to more than 5,000 by 2012. Discover what accelerated this movement, learn from different models and strategies, and discern whether this is a good strategy for your church.

  • MULTI-SITE: Rooted: Discipleship in a Multisite Environment
    Audio by Kenton Beshore

    Kenton Beshore, Senior Pastor of Mariners Church, discusses how to build momentum and continuity in a discipleship experience among campuses while simultaneously preserving each community's identity.

  • The New Multi-Site Frontier: Networks and Movements
    Audio by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson

    This workshop is for your entire leadership team. You will learn how to lay out a dynamic reproducing strategy, giving practical 'how-to's' for not only reproducing Christ followers, leaders, artists, teams, and sites, we'll also look at the new frontier of reproducing that results in movement.

  • Seven Moves to Multi-Site
    Audio by Eric Metcalf and Brad Prunty

    Transitioning from a single-site church to a multi-site church is challenging. It goes beyond renting a school and hiring a band, multi-site impacts every aspect of the church. Eric Metcalf and Brad Purdy will share the seven moves to becoming a multi-site church.

  • Multisite Best Practice Road Trip
    Audio by Greg Ligon

    Is multisite right for your church? What are some of the most innovative practices in multisiste churches across the country? This workshop will explore the foundational multisite models and the latest innovations that have grounded and grown the multisite movement.

  • Preparing the Leaders/Launching the Campus
    Audio by Dave Holden

    Unfortunately, almost as many churches close yearly as new ones start. The preparation and launch of a church determine its life and growth. There is no substitute for an intentional church planter training and a focused preparation period.

  • Developing and Leading Campus Pastors
    Audio by Geoff Surratt

    The main key to success in any multisite church is the selection and development of campus pastors. This is a relatively new role and the requirements are very unique.

  • Extension: Attuning the Culture of the Campus Pastor
    Audio by Bryan Rose

    The mulit-site model works, but how do you make it work for you? Where can church leadership focus their efforts and resources to have the most impact and the highest effectiveness in going multisite? Learn how Vision Clarity leads to a successful launch and shape the culture of your church.

  • Developing Multi-Site Leaders
    Audio by Geoff Surratt

    Based on his experience leading the multisite ministries of Seacoast Church and Saddleback Church, as well as connecting with multisite churches around the country, Geoff will share his Top 10 list of practical ways to develop campus pastor and ministry leaders for campuses.

  • Three Crucial Questions to Consider the Multi-Site Plunge
    Audio by Greg Surratt

    Whether you are thinking multi-site or are already there and wondering, you won't want to miss this session that distills the do's and don¹t's into 3 basic questions. Multi-site pioneer downloads 10 years of learning into 3 basic principles.

  • Top 10 Learnings in Multi-Site
    Audio by Geoff Surratt, Jon Ferguson, and Mark Jobe

    Join Geoff Surratt, Jon Ferguson, Dave Browning and Mark Jobe for a Panel Discussion around their top 10 learnings.

  • Multi-Site Models and Approaches
    Audio by Greg Ligon

    Explore the latest models & approaches for multi-site churches.

  • Reproducing Venues
    Audio by Larry Osborne

    This workshop is from the 2007 Exponential Conference in the Multisite Track.

  • Reproducing Campuses
    Audio by Geoff Surratt and Greg Ligon

    This workshop is from the 2007 Exponential Conference in the Multisite Track.

  • Reproducing Artists
    Audio by Nancy Beach and Eric Bramlett

    This workshop is from the 2007 Exponential Conference in the Multisite Track.

  • Radical Multisiting
    Blog / Article by Jim Tomberlin

    Can the current multisite model be a strategy for actually multiplying churches?

  • 7 Moves to Multisite (Part 1)
    Blog / Article by Jon Ferguson and Eric Metcalf

    Jon Ferguson and Eric Metcalf share the process Community Christian Church has identified as they've launched multiple locations.

  • 7 Moves to Multisite (Part 2)
    Blog / Article by Jon Ferguson and Eric Metcalf

    Jon Ferguson and Eric Metcalf share the process Community Christian Church has identified as they've launched multiple locations.