I’ve worked to become known as a skilled and proficient administrator, strategist, organizational innovator, and communicator – big words for a person who can move organizations efficiently. I currently serve as the Executive Pastor at Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida where Pastor Tommy “Urban D” Kyllonen is the Lead Pastor. Previously, I served as the Chief of Staff and Director of Ministry Operations and also as a member of the pastoral and teaching teams at the historic mega-church Fellowship Church of Chicago, where innovator, songwriter, and communicator, Charles Jenkins, is the Senior Pastor. I also serve as the International Youth leader for the multi-national ministry reformation known as Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship (over 300 churches across the world), where Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III is the Presiding Bishop and Bishop Paul S. Morton is the Founder (amazing leader of integrity!). I’m a proud (VERY proud) alumnus of The Florida State University, University of South Carolina and Princeton Theological Seminary and have served as a member of a number of national Boards and community groups. I also completed Doctoral coursework at Nova Southeastern University. I haven’t finished the dissertation phase yet, so pray for me! Prior to moving back to Florida, I served in ministries in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Illinois. I have also had the privilege to serve students directly as a educational administrator at multiple secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. I love writing, consulting, and speaking (you can find evidence of some of my work on national platforms on video, in print, on many social media sites, nationally recognized blogs, and in corporate structures.) I proudly claim my hometown of Palatka, Florida. My wife and I share in this life work and purpose to Inspire Wisdom. God has blessed us with three amazingly gifted children.

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Think about the people who've invested in you and helped you become the person you are today. God puts just the right people, at just the right time, in just the right place, to speak just the right things into our lives. Most of us can name at least three hero-makers who've had a profound impact on who we've become.

Here's the cool thing... God intends for each of us to be hero-makers-- people who make heroes of others. Our greatest legacy in eternity will be measured not by what we've done, but instead by the people we've invested in. The key question is this... will we see ourselves as the HERO at the center of our story, or will we be the HEROMAKER of others at the center of God's story?

Multiplication starts in the heart of the leader. It starts with each of us surrendering the "hero complex" to a better way. It requires that we shift from being heroes to becoming hero-makers of others. We must put to death measures of success that require us to win, opting instead to assist others in winning.

HeroMaker Conference

Our Exponential 2018 theme is "HeroMaker." We're addressing five practices that are essential in moving from being heroes to becoming the HeroMakers God intended for us to be. The 5 practices include: Multiplication Thinking, Permission Giving, Disciple Multiplying, Gift Activating, and Kingdom Building

Conference highlights include:

  • Same high-quality theme programming as our national events
  • Designed for teams (24 hour format and special pricing)
  • Convenient locations: 5 cities across the U.S.
  • FREE pre-conference equipping labs
  • 10+ speakers, 5 main sessions
  • 5 essential practices for multiplying leaders
  • 100s of church multiplication leaders
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  • Use your smartphone or the webcam on your computer to record a 1-2 minute video clip, similar to the one above. Identify a person who has helped shape you into the person you are today. Tell how that person had a significant impact on you.
  • Share your video on Twitter, Facebook and / or Instagram. Use the hashtags #HeroMaker and #Exponential.
  • Send an email to support@exponential.org to give us the link to your video. We will select specific videos to feature on our website and in our weekly newsletter. Your posted video gives you a chance to win FREE tickets to an Exponential HeroMaker event.


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