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4 Leadership Principles To Revolutionize Your Church Staff Culture

February 8, 2017

By Tim Stevens

Does your church staff have high turnover? Do you lack a leadership development pipeline? Do you have trouble finding and keeping the right people for your team? In this podcast from Exponential West 2016, Tim Stevens unpacks four proven leadership principles to building a culture that draws people to your church staff and develops them into leaders people want to follow.

Join Tim Stevens at Exponential East 2017, where he will be leading workshops on leadership and staff development.

Key Church Staff Culture Highlights:

  • Living a life with margins
  • Hiring new staff members
  • Maintaining a healthy staff culture
4 Leadership Principles To Revolutionize Your Church Staff Culture – Tim Stevens

After spending nine years leading in a non-profit organization, Tim Stevens invested the next 20 years at Granger Community Church. In his role as Executive Pastor, he helped grow the church from its early days in a movie theater until there were more than 5,000 attending and 129 staff members. Tim joined the team at Vanderbloemen Search Group in 2014 and leads the Executive Search Consultant team, helping churches and organizations fill crucial ministry positions.

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