City Movements Workshop


Learn to multiply as leaders of reproducing churches in city contexts share their experience and stories.

Building Citywide Movement Through Solidarity with the Margins
City-wide movement is getting more attention and something many leaders care about and desire to engage with in their cities. We believe we can do more together then separate and that unity is key to Jesus’ mission, but Christian unity is only able to be fully realized insomuch as cities seek to grow their movement in solidarity to those on the margins. This workshop will look at how authentic Christian unity within a city must also be a faithful, prophetic witness to the kingdom of God over and against the powers of darkness and unjust structures. In collaborative church movements that are seeking to strengthen church planting, it is essential to consider the whole of your city and take overlooked neighborhoods into account. We will look at how to nurture city movements in ways that lead you to cross dividing lines within a city and how to go about it in holistic and honoring ways. Dennae will share about the work happening in Phoenix and ways they are experimenting with strengthening citywide church planting and church renewal.
Speaker: Dennae Pierre

Starting and Strengthening a Collaborative Multiplication Movement for Your City
The goal of this workshop is to provide you with principles and tools needed to launch, or strengthen, a collaborative multiplication movement of church planting in your city. Learn from Chad Clarkson, Executive Director of the Houston Church Planting Network, as he shares how HCPN has been building a collaborative network for the past ten years across denominational, network, and ethnic lines to help fuel a church planting movement in the most diverse city in the country.
Speaker: Chad Clarkson

Leveraging Institutions and Networks to Assist in Planting Churches and Accomplishing Good Work in Your City
The goal of this workshop is to provide you with an overview of how networks and institutions can contribute to good work in a city and how leaders can be productive and pivot when faced with complex challenges. Learn from Travis Vaughn, Executive Director of Metro Atlanta Collective (MAC) as he shares about the why, how, and what of productive networks and the part they play (and don’t play) in a city.
Speaker: Travis Vaughn

Working Towards a Stage 3 Gospel Movement in Your City — Collaborating with Other City Networks
There are discernible stages to building church planting networks. This section will cover 5 stages of building gospel movement and networks in your city. Chicago has been working on planting networks for 10 years and is in a stage of collaboration.
Speakers: Derrick Puckett, Oscar Leiva, and Jon Dennis

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