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Project: Claim Your Campus  
 Olivia Williamson 


Claim Your Campus exists to call, train, and sustain a movement of 1 million students praying for positive change in every middle and high school in America.

Project Categories

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Evangelism/Reaching/Engaging

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Discipling and Retaining
  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Mobilizing

  • Innovative Approaches for the Next Generation: Pipelines for Church Planting and Leadership

Big Idea and Overview

Claim Your Campus is not only calling students nationwide to pray for their schools but teaching them foundational truths about prayer. Since 2015, we have equipped students to lead prayer groups on their campus using our free app. Since then, the Claim Your Campus app has trained 30,000+ middle and high schoolers to gather their friends and organically pray for change in their school, their nation, and their generation with daily prayer guides based in Scripture.

Customer / Mission Field Context

The primary customer / mission field context of Claim Your Campus is the middle or high school student learning on site at a campus.   

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  1. Our primary goal as an organization is to call, equip, and sustain 1 million middle and high school students to pray weekly at their school.

  2. Our second goal is to launch, support, and/or track an active prayer group in every middle and high school in America.

  3. Our third goal is to prayer walk every middle and high school in each capital city of America in 2023.

Results and

Since 2015, Claim Your Campus has launched three versions of the Claim Your Campus app. Each one was launched in efforts to stay ahead of the times and keep our content fresh to our users. With our app’s prayer guide, partnership with national ministries such as National Day of Prayer, See You At The Pole, Christian Educators, and Moms in Prayer, and presence at national conferences/events, we’ve trained 30,000+ students to pray for their schools. In 2019, CYC was active in 48 states in America, with 3,000+ students actively leading a prayer group.

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