Collaboration: Cooperating with Theological Reality

December 13, 2016

“Unity exists for the advancement of the mission.” – Will Plitt

Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer called His people to unity. Too often this is not what we experience in our city. However, things are changing in the United States as key cities are seeing unity move the church to action. In this podcast from Exponential East 2016, Will Plitt shares how he has personally seen John 17 unity become a reality in his own city and region.

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Key Collaboration Highlights:

  • Confronting your church’s current operating system
  • 4 priorities that drive us to Gospel Saturation
  • Shifting collaboration from being a “nice thing” to being a “necessary thing”
  • The difference between a collecting community and a mobilizing community
Collaboration: Cooperating with the Theological Reality of the ONE Church in Your City – Will Plitt

Will Plitt serves as a Regional Director for Christ Together in the Southeast and also serves as the Executive Director for Christ Together at the national level. Will has a deep love for the gospel, his family, making disciples, and planting multiplying churches that reach and transform cities and communities.

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