Project: Common Thread
Nick Crawford


We are an interconnected network that creates, resources, and services initiatives that focus on the margins, the church, and the lost.

Project Categories

• Methods and Models for Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries

Big Idea and Overview

We are a movement grounded by people that seek to be the church daily together. We started as a group that moved into certain areas of our city that were considered marginalized to seek Jesus together while making sure that those without options had access to our dinner tables.

Our organization began simultaneously as an effort to empower the people of God. Common Thread is a mechanism that helps create and lay the foundation of a kingdom business, resource through offering connections throughout the city, and continually service through admin work.

Over the years we have started over 20 initiatives including: Seeds Coffee Company, Taproot Landscaping, A4ONE sports and mentoring, and AWAKE community to school to name a few. Our hope is to see the kingdom of God empowered in the first (home), second (work), and third (social) spaces and leverage whatever resource we have as a people and organization to see that happen.

Customer / Mission Field Context

We are living and working in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. We live mostly in the surrounding areas of downtown such as Titusville, West End, Southside, Smithfield, and College Hills. We serve our neighbors in these specific places while also having several businesses that serve the greater Birmingham area. Through these businesses and our outreaches it gives us multiple entry points to come in contact with people through the city and globally as well.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  1. Move our current business into the next phase of growth.

  2. Build an infrastructure that promotes more sharing together by building a culture of being interconnected.

  3. Launch a new initiative yearly.

  4. Move a multiple number of our businesses and initiatives from their current locations into our new hub in the center of Titusville.

Results and

  • We have operated now for 8 years plus.

  • Developed a nucleus of family and friends that are devoted to one another,

    Jesus, and his kingdom.

  • Developed a multi ethnic school that is moving towards accreditation that has 62 kids currently attending.

  • Developed over 20 initiatives through the 8 years

  • Bought, rehabbed, and either rented or sold 8 homes in the Titusville areas.

  • Currently have 70+ jobs that are underneath or connected to our network.

  • Successfully launched 7 hub communities in the downtown area made up of families that want to pursue Jesus together daily on their streets.