Core Pathways

December 6, 2017


In this training video from Exponential East 2017, Greg Wiens introduces the core pathways towards multiplication. Each pathway is a unique approach toward level 5 multiplication, depending on your current context. You determine your level of multiplication by taking the free Becoming Five assessment (developed by Greg Wiens) at To learn more about the pathways, download Exponential’s FREE eBook Dream Big, Plan Smart.

Greg Wiens

Greg Wiens

Greg has been assessing leaders and organizations for over 40 years. He has worked with organizations that range in size and interest from Fortune 100 companies and public schools, to small non-profits and churches. His forte is assessing leaders and his passion is seeing the Kingdom expanded through challenging leaders toward health and impact. He has been an engineer, consultant, professor, psychometrician, pastor and started churches as well as founded a number of organizations. He currently leads Healthy Growing Leaders which designs, develops and debriefs assessments on leaders and organizations.  He also leads TrueWiring and TrueWiring4Churches which offers a variety of assessment instruments which enable individuals to function in their uniquely gifted ways. Greg has authored or co-authored 4 books and developed 20 different assessments in a variety of fields.  He has also been part of thousands of leadership assessments over the past four decades. Greg has been married for over 42 years to his gracious wife, Mary Kay.  Which is amazing because Greg didn’t even think he would live to be 42, let alone be married that long!  They have been blessed with three married children (Jordan & Jaime Wiens, Steve & Erin Southards, and Colin & Cayla Wiens) and seven grandchildren.  He loves running, learning and celebrating every season of life which he has thus far lived.
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