Cracking the Code of 21st Century Ministry Episode 10 — Reconsider Core Values

October 25, 2021


Cracking the Code of 21st Century Ministry
Episode 10 — Reconsider Core Values

As leaders, we often use “multi” words to describe what we want our congregation to look like — multicultural, multi-generational, multi-ethnic. And, we’re motivated to use all of these “multi” words in our core values — because we want to look like Heaven.

But while each of our churches may look different from one another, those inside each church can often look the same.

The local church can look as diverse as Heaven. We just need to create core values that motivate people to action and connect to the mission of Jesus.

Our guest, Paul Durbin, is the Lead Pastor of Belay Church in Boulder, Colorado. Paul and his wife Patty know what it takes to build a faith community, and they have a knack for gathering a diverse group. At their meetings, you’ll find a mix of several cultures and nations. Before Belay, the Durbins led a large, vibrant church in Bejing, China, and their church included people from more than 70 nations and various Christian backgrounds. This congregation enjoyed a remarkable unity and an atmosphere of love.

Paul will share how he puts his core values to work and creates an atmosphere where differences are appreciated and people are loved.

This episode is all about Reconsidering Your Core Values:

Discover how to transform your values into practical application
Gain insight on how to really speak the truth in love
Learn how to have healthy conversations even when you strongly disagree
Find ways to align church values with the mission of Jesus


Featured Guest — PAUL DURBIN, Author and Missionary to China called to plant in Boulder, CO



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