Cracking the Code of 21st Century Ministry Episode 5 – Reclaim the Ecosystem

August 6, 2021


Every church faces isolation. Whether you’re a startup, or you’ve been around for decades, it’s easy to silo yourself and miss out on what’s around you.

Yes, the good news message is the gift you offer your community. But did you know your community has a gift to offer you?

Here’s what you might be missing: Your church is part of a complex network, an ecosystem, which consists of a variety of organizations, leaders, influencers, and other individuals available to provide practical resources and emotional support for one another. These unique connections create stability, promote sustainability, and encourage growth.

Don’t go it alone — reclaim your ecosystem.

For episode five, we’ll talk with Dr. Michael Carrion. Michael is a veteran church leader who successfully supports and receives support from his ecosystem. He knows the value of stepping out of his four walls and engaging with the world around him.

This episode is all about reclaiming your ecosystem:

Identify universal principles you can apply in your context
Understand the broad scope of your potential network
Realize resources to help bring the Gospel to life in your community

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